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Hey, guys! This page is just a few notes about me, in case any of you were curious!


I'm currently a college student, and I've resided in NYC my whole life. I have no makeup training whatsoever. I love video games, makeup, the internet and writing. A lot of my favorite video games are by Square Enix, but my collection is pretty diverse. My all time favorite video game is Tales of Symphonia!

I respond to any comments that I get, but on the off chance you really wanted a response and I don't get to your comment in a day or two, shoot me an email. It's fiercenerditude@hotmail.com. Anyone's welcome to contact me at this email for any reason. It's okay, I'm a really nice girl, I promise!

This Blog's Purpose

I use and buy a lot of makeup, and I have lots of opinions about that makeup. Most of my friends don't wear makeup, so my various products evaluations both bore the tar out of them and are lost on them. I started this blog to share my opinions with other like minded people; people who like beauty products, like writing about beauty products and/or like reading about beauty products.


I'm an NC50 in MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation and my eyes are dark brown. My hair is naturally black, but I currently have some pink going on (that'll change from time to time).

Fragrance Preferences

While I occasionally like food-y scents, I really prefer floral and herbal scents by far. I'm open to anything, but I don't like everything.

Skin Care Concerns

I have eczema on my arms and legs. The skin of most of my body is fairly dry. My chest, upper back and face, however are oily and acne prone. Basically I've got the worst of both worlds going on... Yaaaaaay. =\

My eyelids can go from oily to dry completely at whim. I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance to keep my shadow from creasing, but Urban Decay Primer Potion works for me, too. I just don't like the bottle/applicator. TFSI's tube just seems so much more hygienic.

Hair Care Concerns

My hair is naturally curly and somewhat dry.

Taste in Makeup

I like most of my colors either very bright or very deep/dark. I can appreciate neutrals, just like the rest of the world, but I almost never wear them, or at least not exclusively.
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