Fierce Nerditude: Persona 4 Inspired: Kanji Tatsumi

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Persona 4 Inspired: Kanji Tatsumi

I was planning on posting this series forever ago; right around when Persona 4: The Animation started putting out episodes, but I got really, really sidetracked. Persona 4 is probably the most upbeat murder mystery ever written; way more cheerful than the (also very good) Persona 3 and with a lot less in terms of suicidal imagery. And even though there's still a lot of really heavy stuff, and the game itself is hard, it's a really great play that I'd recommend to anyone who loves the JRPG or Urban Fantasy genres (and I recommend The Animation for those of you who don't game--just be wary that the homosexuality-related humor that's considered acceptable in Japan can come off as a bit homophobic to a social liberal in the US--episodes 6 and 8 are annoying as hell for that reason).

Speaking of episode 6...

Image borrowed from the MegaTen wiki
Kanji Tatsumi is freaking adorable. I should explain, for those of you who've never played it, Persona 4 has major themes of accepting your hidden inner self, and Kanji is afraid to let people know about the things he enjoys doing that are traditionally considered feminine. He likes to knit and sew and make stuffed animals. D'awww!

He starts off as a bit gynophobic because of an incident in his childhood--as a child he had a crush on a girl, she ripped her backpack, he sewed it up and got bullied mercilessly by a bunch of girls--so he started acting like the stereotypical manliest man in the universe. He develops a crush on the detective Naoto Shirogane, and gets really, really freaked out that he might be gay. His dungeon is called the Steamy Bathhouse. I'll let you fill in the blanks. Spoiler: It turns out Naoto's a girl who has been crossdressing to pass for a boy, so uh... yup.

Oh, and during the crossdressing pageant, he dresses as Marylin Monroe. Also, one of the weapons he can use is a school desk. He just lifts it up and hits things with it. He's that awesome. I wonder how he got the desk into Junes without arousing suspicion. Hmm...

Anyway, on to the makeup.

  • Dense liner brush (provided with Chanel eyeshadow)
  • Domed crease brush (MAC 224)
  • Dense blush brush (MAC 129)
  • Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Mirifique (Sparkling black)
  • Brazen Cosmetics Shadow in Idol (Gold)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Liner Pencil in Baked (Bronze-y gold)
  • MAC Blush in All's Good (Rosy brown)
  • MAC Lipglass in Spirit & Soul (Silvery brown--I'm only 90% sure of the name--it smudged off of my tube, unfortunately. I'm 100% sure it's ____ & Soul, though) 
Prime your eyes. Take the brush from the Chanel D'ombre and spread Mirifique from lashline to crease, smudging out the edges. Blend Idol into the crease with the 224. Line the lower lashline with Baked. Mascara.

Apply Spirit & Soul.

Foundation as usual. Use the 129 to swirl All's Good onto the apples of your cheeks.

My skin looks so smooth in this shot, it's incredible! I was wearing a heavy sunscreen, though, so the bright sunlight made me look a touch whitish.

In slightly dimmer light.

I've worn this look a few times, actually. The first time I did it was in October when I started planning out the posts, and since then I've done exactly this about five times. I like how huge it makes my eyes look.

Anyone else a fan of Persona 4? Was Kanji one of your favorite characters? Do you have a makeup look you do again and again?
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