Fierce Nerditude: Zoya Nail Polish in Marina

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish in Marina

This is the fourth Zoya Polish I'm trying out, but the fifth one I'm posting about... because I feel like it. Woohoo! You guy's know I've been kind of into blue eyeshadow lately, and I've been really enjoying me some blue polishes, too (I have a tendency to get super matchy-matchy with things like that).

Zoya's Marina is a lovely medium-to-deep grayed blue. Unlike the other shade in the Mirrors collection that I've reviewed so far, instead of having glittery flakies in the polish this is glitter free, but with a pretty pearlescent finish that I think really compliments the color well. Also unlike the other shades in the collection, I think this shade'll be much easier to dupe, though I personally don't own a dupe for this. I just get the feeling pearly blue-grays are such an obvious color choice, you know?

Of course, though, obviousness doesn't make the shade any less pretty!

I found the formula very agreeable in terms of dry down time and consistency. I found this neither too thick nor too thin and I found that it dried down well in time for a second coat. Like most of the other shades I've tried, this was opaque in just two coats. It wore all week with only minimal tip wear (while using a top coat, of course).

The thing I like most about Zoya's fall collection is the fact that the colors are greyed or blackened makes them a lot more wearable for those who aren't necessarily allowed to wear brightly colored polish for whatever reason. With this you can have blue polish, but it's not a too in-your-face blue for, say, a moderately conservative workplace.

The Good:
  • I like the way this color is. It's bright enough to feel like a bright color, but greyed down to not be too attention grabbing.
  • Non-fussy formula makes for easy application.
  • Reasonably quick dry-down.
  • Good consistency. Neither too thin nor too thick for me.
  • Opaque in just two coats. 
  • Good wear: a whole week with a top coat.
The Bad:
Nothing on this one!

The Neutral:
  • I feel like this is very pretty, but also reasonably dupeable.
Overall, this isn't as difficult to dupe as some other Zoya polishes, but the formula is still a really nice one and the color is definitely very nice if not utterly unique. If you don't have anything like this (or if you're just a fiend for gray-blues!) I'd definitely say that the shade is worth a look!

This is currently $8.00 from Zoya.
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