Fierce Nerditude: Wet N' Wild Color Icon Trio: Walking on Eggshells

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wet N' Wild Color Icon Trio: Walking on Eggshells

So here's the last Color Icon Trio I'm going to be reviewing for a while. I just need a break, you know? Anyway, I bought this at the same time as I bought Silent Treatment, and while the colors aren't exactly my style, I do like the combo enough.

If you want a close look at the packaging of the Color Icon Trios, please check the review I have up of Spoiled Brat: I go in depth about the labeling and applicators, et cetera.

First, I'm going to say that I had no issues with the texture of these shadows. They were all very smooth, pigmented, and easy to blend. Very good quality, in my opinion.

Left to Right: Browbone, Crease and Eyelid shades from 'Walking on Eggshells'
None of these shades will be too difficult to dupe, but they're all the kind of shades that I always feel like I should have, if you know what I mean: shimmery, neutral shades that you can probably get a decent amount of use from. I think that if you're just starting off your makeup collection and don't have a good, shimmery white highlight, then this might be a good place to start.

Don't get me wrong, you can use them together to create a really pretty soft look, but I prefer to use these shades in other more colorful looks. That's just my personal taste, though.

The Browbone shade is a frosty white.
The Crease shade is a light-to-medium warm-ish tan.
The Eyelid shade is a shimmery peach.

The Good:
  • Super affordable on pretty much any budget.
  • The three shades are smooth, blendable and offer excellent pigmentation.
  • The colors in the palette are cohesive and well-coordinated.
  • These are good nudes for someone looking to start up a makeup collection. Plus, at their price point if you're going to get these colors, you may as well get them for basically a dollar each.
The Bad:
I can't think of anything for this one.

The Neutral:
  • The applicators are useless, but I assume you aren't buying this for those anyway.
  • Probably easy enough to dupe.
Overall, the color combo isn't exactly designed to wow here, but I think the shades fall under the category of essentials. They're affordable, so if you don't already have dupes for all of the shades, I think this is worth picking up because the quality is great.

This is currently available at various drugstores for $2.99.
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