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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Urban Decay Eyeshadow: Grind

I know there's no real point to writing a negative review of something that isn't really available anymore, but can I do it anyway? Please? Yes? Thank you!

A while back in my Oil Slick review, I mentioned that I got that shadow steeply discounted and packaged with another shadow. This is that shadow. I got those two together for ten bucks at Sephora, and I think I got an additional 20% off of that, as well.

So glad. I would not pay for this again. While in some of my other reviews of discontinued Urban Decay shadows, I mentioned that it was sad that you couldn't get them anymore, this? I'm glad you can't accidentally waste your money on this. It's just terrible.

While Oil Slick was a touch dry--as expected from a matte textured shadow--this takes it a few steps further. It's all but full on hard. The color comes away decently, I suppose, but I really do prefer a shadow be pleasant to the touch.

Doesn't it look gritty, even in the pan? Ugh.

As if the hardness wasn't bad enough, the glitter is large and piece-y. I'm all about the glitter, usually, but I swear, with this shadow it will fly all over the place. I'm talking on your cheeks, in your eye, behind your ear. It's like the glitter is knowingly going everywhere except where you put it. Not good, shadow.

Left to Right: Urban Decay's Grind and Oil Slick
The only thing I liked about this shadow was the pigmentation (and maybe the packaging, but let's get real--great packaging, cruddy product is not a worthy trade-off). Like most (if not all) Urban Decay shadows, I found this to be nicely pigmented.

Grind is a pretty pale pink with silver glitter. Shame I hated it.

The Good:
  • Pigmented.
  • Wears well enough when you get it on.
The Bad:
  • Texture. It's awful. Hard-ish. Not smooth at all.
  • Difficult to blend.
  • The glitter. Goes. Everywhere.
The Neutral:
  • No longer available.
Overall, there aren't that many items I hate. I hate this. I really hoped I would like this. In fact, I expected to. Just didn't. 'Nuff said? Maybe, but I'm going to go on for a bit. It's gritty, hard, the glitter goes everywhere. Good thing I got it cheap. It was packaged together with Oil Slick (a shadow I like very much) for $10.00. Since Urban Decay shadows are usually $17.00, rather than thinking of this as me having spent $5.00 on a cruddy shadow, I prefer to think of it as Urban Decay giving me $7.00 to take it off their hands. Ha!

This is no longer available. Good riddance.
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