Fierce Nerditude: Urban Decay Eyeshadow: Chains

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Urban Decay Eyeshadow: Chains

I hatehatehate when cool things are discontinued. Time for another review of a discontinued and awesome item. Like Acid Rain, I got this shade really cheap on HauteLook (invitation) forever ago.

This shade was, like most Urban Decay shadows, really smooth, pigmented and and easy to work with. And as a green fiend? I love the color.

As per usual, this comes in Urban Decay's standard eyeshadow single packaging: the little plastic cases reminiscent of bus tokens! Adorable (and the only thing currently keeping me from depotting mine)!

Urban Decay's Chains
I know this is a bit duller than my favorite shades tend to be, but it's neutral, it's green, it's versatile. I can wear it on more or less any occasion and I mean... look at it. I definitely think this is one of those shades that would be flattering across a large range of skin tones.

It's a lovely khaki-olive green.

Unfortunately, this shade's been discontinued. I'm a little sad, but as I don't tend to use shadows up too often, I'm not really worried. I'm sure I'll find a reasonable dupe for it.

The Good:
  • This is a really neat color, and I think it'd work on a lot of people because, while it's green, it's also very neutral.
  • Smooth, blendable texture.
  • Very nice pigmentation!
  • Great wear.
The Bad:
  • Obviously, that it's discontinued. Boo!
The Neutral:
Nothing here.

Overall, this is a really pretty shade from Urban Decay with a great formula. I'm really sad that it's not around anymore, but if you happen by this somewhere, I say go for it!

If you join HauteLook through this link or the one above marked invitation, I get $10 toward a future HauteLook purchase. Not really that important to me as I'm rarely interested in Hautelook's stuff, but I did want to point it out, and I do think it's worth joining because they do have some good stuff once in a while!
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