Fierce Nerditude: MAC Eyeshadows in Flip and Coppering

Saturday, September 24, 2011

MAC Eyeshadows in Flip and Coppering

This is one of those things I wanted to post about forever ago but never got around to actually posting about. Phyrra, who is, hands down, one of the nicest people full stop, sent these to me a couple of months ago for no real reason other than to be an awesome human being.

See, I'd been looking for the perfect gold eyeshadow for a while, and Flip was it but it was limited edition. It was so cool of Phyrra to send hers to me (and Coppering, too!)

Both of these have really nice wear and texture. Super smooth, blendable and very nicely pigmented. I really dig the amount of slip these have. Flip in particular blends seamlessly with other shades.

Left to Right: Flip and Coppering
Like I said, Flip is the perfect yellow gold shade that I was looking for: it's a yellow gold, but not more yellow than it is gold, and not bronze-ish at all. Flip is limited edition, but Coppering is permanent! I used Flip in my Ashe Inspired Look and my Jafar Inspired Look.

Left to Right: Flip and Coppering
Flip is a pretty mid-tone yellow gold.
Coppering is an orangey red copper shade.

The Good:
  • I really like both shades, but especially Flip.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Very pigmented.
The Bad:
Nothing here!

The Neutral:
Nothing here either.

Overall, I really like both of these shades and if I run out of Coppering I'll definitely replace it. If Flip is repromoted soon, I think I'll be buying a backup, which is something I rarely do.

Coppering is currently available online, and at MAC stores and counters for $15.00.
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