Fierce Nerditude: Kat Von D True Romance Palette in True Love

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Palette in True Love

Like I said, I love me some Kat Von D, and I bought this a long, long time ago along with the Metal Orchestra palette. Two years! Wow!

I'm going to do a quick recap of the facts I went over in my review of Metal Orchestra, just in case they were missed: The packaging is beautiful and additionally feels reasonably sturdy, as if it's made from good quality plastic. The palette comes with a mirror that I can see being very useful if you're a makeup-on-the-go kind of girl (though I'm not), but the applicators provided are utterly useless: small and not very dense.

Like the Metal Orchestra palette, Benji, the cream shadow, dried out in a few months (about nine). I wish the palette were airtight, or something, to prevent this.

LtR: Peanut, Rebekah, Lucifer, Cholita
Peanut is a pale gold-ish color. It's almost like a very-whitened yellow brown. The texture is very smooth.
Rebekah is a warm medium brown. This shade is a bit dry to the touch, but performs well.
Lucifer (reiterating) is the blackest matte black I've ever owned. Gosh, I just love this! Like most mattes it has a drier texture, and is better in use than it is when swatched. This is absolutely pitch black. I adore it! You'll find this shade in a lot of Kat Von D Palettes.
Cholita is a matte black base with purple glitter in it. It's actually quite close to MAC's Beauty Marked, but more pigmented and with more glitter. Hopefully, I can find my pan of Beauty Marked and post a comparison swatch for you. Like Lucifer, it's a bit dry, but no more than is to be expected from a matte shade.

LtR: Skiba, Babe, Missy
Skiba is a medium-to-dark blue purple. The texture is very smooth.
Babe is a paler blue purple. I don't own MAC's Parfait Amour, but just from pictures on the internet, they look very comparable. Great, smooth texture.
Missy is not a shade I could make look true to life in my pictures. It's an absolutely beautiful white with a purple iridescent sheen to it, almost as if it has a lavender glow coming from within. It's ultra smooth and looks lovely as a highlight.

The pigmentation is excellent across the board--with the exception of Benji which is all dried out. Lucifer and Cholita are a bit dry, as mattes tend to be, and Rebekah is a bit dry to the touch (but not in use, oddly enough).

Keep in mind that with a shade like Lucifer, you need to be careful: it's really dark enough to overtake everything if you aren't. These all wear very well with primer on me. Back when I could use the cream shadow, though, I didn't find I could use it without primer, so bear that in mind. I'd also like to add that I remember Benji being a sheerer gold: more shimmer than color.

The shades go very well together, and I think you could easily come up with a good variety of eye looks with just this palette.

The Good:
  • Gorgeous packaging. Sturdy and pretty.
  • Excellent pigmentation on all of the shades.
  • Wore well on me.
  • The texture of every one of these except Rebekah was wonderful, though Lucifer and Cholita were a bit dry--as mattes tend to be.
  • The shades included are well coordinated.
The Bad:
  • The cream shadows dry out. Do not like.
  • Didn't like how Rebekah felt to the touch.
The Neutral:
  • Sucky applicators. That's pretty standard for free-with-palette applicators, though.
Overall, this was a really lovely palette. I loved the color scheme, and I think you could do a lot of different purple-centric looks with it. The biggest complaint I have with this is the cream shadow: I really wish they'd either improve them so that they won't dry out, make the containers more friendly to the cream shadow's formula or just not include them at all.

This is currently $24.00 from Sephora.
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