Fierce Nerditude: Kat Von D True Romance Palette in Metal Orchestra

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Palette in Metal Orchestra

If you've been reading my blog for a decently long amount of time, you'll know that I really enjoy Kat Von D's line of products. I have for a long time. I bought this almost two years ago, and it was marked limited edition... and yet it's still around? Not sure how limited edition this actually is, but now it's marked down about ten bucks. I'm writing this in August, a little ahead of time, so let's hope it's still available by the time this goes live, 'cause it is a great palette. And at $24? You can't really go wrong.

This being from the Kat Von D line, it's beautifully packaged, as expected. The packaging, additionally, feels reasonably sturdy. The plastic just doesn't have that cheap-plastic feel to it.

Love the beautiful design on the lid! The inside of the palette, as you can see at the head of the post contains a large mirror. Personally, I never use palette mirrors, but this is definitely large enough and of good enough quality that you could use it in an emergency situation, if need be.

I wish I still had the useless little brushes to show you, but I chucked them a long time ago. They're utterly worthless. So small, I'll bet the heads are barely 3 millimeters across. They're the correct size for lining, but they aren't firm enough by far. You could perhaps use them for precision lip product application, but I'd rather have a real lip brush any day. You get two of them with each palette and each one is double sided.

There is one major flaw with many of these palettes.

See that shade name all the way to the right? Slayer, the cream shadow? That was good for maybe nine months at best. Do not like. If you're going to offer a cream shadow that dries out easily, the packaging should at least be airtight, no? The rest of the shades were, thankfully, pretty winful (at least in my opinion).

LtR: First Class, Techno, Thrasher, Dagger
First Class is a frosty white. It's one of those colors that everyone needs or could use, and I think it's a good one to have in a palette in general.
Techno is a bright shimmery mid-tone blue. This felt a touch gritty. It worked just fine, though.
Thrasher is a slightly blackened blue.
Dagger is blue glitter in a matte black base. This one feels very dry and swatches terribly. When I was actually using it on my eye, though, it performed quite well.

LtR: Dagger, Lucifer, Glock, Razor Gray
Lucifer is the blackest matte black I've ever owned. Gosh, I just love this! Like most mattes it has a drier texture, and is better in use than it is when swatched. This is absolutely pitch black. I adore it!
Glock is a smooth-as-butter dark gray.
Razor Gray is another really smooth shade. It's a lighter more silvery gray than Glock.

These all deliver pretty awesome pigmentation, and I think that's where these shadows really shine... Well, except Slayer, which was great at one point, but is now utterly unusable in my two-year-old palette.

Texture-wise not all of these shadows are awesome. I really like the textures of Glock, First Class, Thrasher and Razor Gray and Lucifer is as dry as a matte is expected to be, no better no worse. While I like Dagger, I wish it felt nicer to the touch. Same goes for Techno.

Keep in mind that with a shade like Lucifer, you need to be careful: it's really dark enough to overtake everything if you aren't. These all wear very well with primer on me. Back when I could use the cream shadow, though, I didn't find I could use it without primer, so bear that in mind.

The Good:
  • Gorgeous packaging. Sturdy and pretty.
  • Excellent pigmentation on all of the shades.
  • Wore well on me.
  • Razor Gray, Glock, Thrasher and First Class are great. Lucifer feels like your average matte: bit dry.
  • The shades included are well coordinated.
The Bad:
  • The cream shadows dry out. Do not like.
  • There was a bit of grit to Techno and Dagger was quite dry.
The Neutral:
  • Sucky applicators. That's pretty standard for free-with-palette applicators, though.
Overall, I know these aren't a perfect product, but I think they're pretty darn great for the money. And now that they're on sale? I think it's a great time to snatch this up if it appeals to you. It has its issues, but what can I say? I like what I like, and I like this very much. The shades are pigmented, even if the texture isn't always the best and it comes with everything you'd need to do a basic smoky eye and some very pretty blue looks.

This is currently $24.00 from Sephora.
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