Fierce Nerditude: Geo Nudy Lenses in Grey

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Geo Nudy Lenses in Grey

A few weeks back, I was sent a pair of Geo Nudy Lenses in Grey to try out from LensCircle.com. Let me tell you, opening the package was a real pleasure: you'll see why in the post.

I've mentioned it a hundred times before, but I'm an absolute sucker for great presentation, and that's something I think LensCircle did a great job on. I love the look and feel of their site, but I also really like the attention they put into my package.

I love the cheetah print bag and the pink case. They also include a 'lens care card' that I think will be very helpful for first time circle lens wearers.

Click to enlarge
This side shows how to open a vial.

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This side has some basic lens care tips. My shipping from LensCircle was really fast. About a week.

Now for some stats on the lenses themselves. As usual, these are to be replaced annually. They have a 38% water content and a 14.00mm diameter--the enlargement is more modest than a lot of the other lenses I've tried, but it's definitely obvious. These are available in prescriptions from plano (non-prescription) to a whopping -10.00, which should include most people! I got these without prescription to wear under my glasses.

Geo Nudy Lenses in Grey in the case provided by LensCircle
The definition in the limbal ring is fairly subtle, though it is there. The color from these lenses? Amazing! Like a lot of circle lenses they dance on the edge of opaque: they give an obvious color change but they also work with your natural color a bit so that they're more flattering against dark eyes.

No makeup, no lens
No makeup, wearing Geo Nudy Lenses in Grey
Greys always look a bit blue on me! These deliver very opaque color on my dark eyes. I think they look great, both up close and from far away.

As you can see, they look really subtle from far away, so my eyes are grey without looking too pale. You can see the increase in size. I think it's a good subtle increase for those whose eyes don't open wide enough for them to like the look of larger 15.00+ mm lenses.

These lenses were very comfortable on my eyes. I wore them for six or seven hours with no discomfort whatsoever.

The Good:
  • Great color and design. It looks natural from both up close and far away.
  • Good enlargement: subtle but definitely noticeable, as well.
  • This is all in personal taste, but I find these very wearable because of the way they 'adjust' my natural color without overtaking it--not that there's much I don't consider wearable!
  • I found these comfortable!
  • LensCircle sent these out really quickly. They got to me in about a week!
  • Wide range of available prescriptions, including plano lenses.
The Bad:
See neutral, maybe.

The Neutral:
  • These are a modest enlargement sort of deal--if you like 'em huge, you may want to go for Super Nudy.
Overall, while I do like my humongous unnatural lenses, I think these lenses are great for something a little more natural and a bit more subtle. They're really beautiful when they're on, so if you're looking for a bit of size and a color change, I say go for it!

These are currently $34.95 from LensCircle.com.

This review contains a sample/s sent by a company for evaluation purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, and fully honest based on my own experience/s.
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