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Friday, September 9, 2011

Final Fantasy Inspired Look: Paine

I have to say, I was intrigued when Christa told me how excited she was to send me this week's look. Oh my goodness, you guys, it's gorgeous! What a perfect way to start my Friday!
It's Friday woot woot!! This week's look is one of my favorites!! I actually haven't play this game in forever but may need too!
This week I chose Final Fantasy X-2 's Paine. She has always been one of my favorite video game characters but never get the recognition she deserves. She's quiet and tough. Her dress is mainly black with a little red added in.. It compliments her silver hair and red eyes. Her sword is awesome complete with a skull thingy on it. She kinda reminds me of myself.. kinda quiet, sarcastic and always looking out for my friends. ! 
Picture borrowed from ffcompendium
FFwiki describes her as

Armed with a one-handed sword and a lukewarm attitude, no one knows much about the secretive Paine except that she is cynical, rather quiet, and generally keeps to herself. Paine is tough and loves a good fight, but she is also sensible enough to smell trouble a mile away. If she feels her fellow Gullwings are getting too enthusiastic, she uses sarcastic cracks to jolt them to their senses, and despite Rikku's constant prying, she refuses to divulge any information about herself, except that she has always wanted to fly on an airship and hunt for spheres containing records of Spira's past. In spite of her dry wit and demeanor, Paine values her friendship with Yuna and Rikku highly. However, it was only after spending three months by herself, traveling Spira, that she was able to express these feelings towards them."

To create this look I used:

Starting with UDPP all over eye
then using GeekChic Cosmetics Blood Bond at the crease and blended up a little past orbital bone ( Mac217)
After that I used NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk on the lid and applied Concrete Minerals Lolita from Tear duct to just before the edge of the eye.(Mac239)
I took Sugarpill's Bulletproof and applied that to the edge of the lid to the crease and blended into Blood bond.(Ectools smudge brush and Essence of beauty blending brush)
Eyeliner for this look is Milani's Auto Eye Pencil in black
To create the real dramatic eye I added Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Peacock Blood (foiled) as an eyeliner enhancement .(standard angle brush)
Ending the eye look with Maybelline's The Falsies in Black
To finish of the look I used E.L.F lip pencil in nude and Brazen's Au Natural Passion Pot.

"The hardest person to know is yourself."

This series is a collaboration of looks done by Fierce Nerditude and Play Hard, Look Fabulous. All of these looks are inspired by the Final Fantasy series of video games!
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