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Friday, September 30, 2011

Final Fantasy Inspired: Fang

Yeah, I'm sorry, I know the liner on the lower lashline is messed up. I rubbed my eyes before I took the picture and the damage wasn't readily visible from a more normal distance! In any case, being that I'm on a crazy-long Final Fantasy XII kick (or maybe not that long... I'm writing this post about a month in advance, so I could very well be over it by now) I decided to do some Fang inspired makeup.

I know her eyes are green (right?) but different lighting situations make them look different, and I like them best when they're this amber-y brown shade, so I used some very cool, fierce and (in my opinion) Fang-ish lenses!

Image borrowed from the Final Fantasy Wiki
I have to admit to having developed quite a few crushes on the ladies of Final Fantasy XIII. Fang is just one of them. Lightning? YESPLEASE. *cough* Just sayin'.

Anyway, there's very little not to like about Fang. She's almost like a mixture of Balthier and Fran from FFXII. Like... if Fran was interesting enough to be a more well-developed main character (sorry, love her, but everything about her screamed 'Balthier's hot sidekick') and Balthier was a hot woman and then they had a baby... What do you mean biology doesn't work that way?!

In any case, if her reaction to Lightning decking her right in the face wasn't a) totally sexy and b) totally semi-Balthier-esque I don't know what is. And if that didn't cement her place in my heart as one of the best female video game characters EVARRR? Throaty, silky voice? Check. Attitude? Check. Hawt accent? Check. "I'll tear down the sky if it'll save her"? TOTAL. SWOON. I mean, I know it sounds corny but she pulls it off so well.

She has some of the best (and sexiest) lines of the game! So now I'm gonna make myself stop geeking out about how amazeballs Fang is and continue on with the makeup.

  • Pop C Lenses in Dark Brown (Medium large lenses, dark brown gradient into a more warm brown)
  • Angled shadow brush (MAC 275)
  • Fluffy oval-shaped blending brush (MAC 217)
  • Medium shader (MAC 239)
  • Dense blush brush (MAC 129)
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Deep Dark (A contour powder darker than your skintone will do)
  • Shiro Cosmetics Intertube in Chocolate Rain (Medium brown)
  • Inglot Eyeshadow #388 (Medium blue)
  • Linnaeus Cosmetics Shadow in Flutter (Bright cyan-ish blue)
  • Linnaeus Cosmetics Shadow in Those Gams! (Soft, olive-y black)
  • Shiro Cosmetics Shadow in Emancipation Grid (Pale, frosty cyan)
  • Eyeko Graffiti Liner Pen in Navy Blue (Navy blue liquid liner pen)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Electric (Bright cyan)
  • Yanqina's 2-in-1 Mascara (Black, lengthening, volumizing)
Put in the lenses. Prime your eyes. Pat #388 all over the lid with the 239. Blend Flutter into the crease with the 217 and follow with a small amount of Those Gams! (you should just be browning Flutter up a bit). Highlight with Emancipation Grid on the 275. Line the upper lashline with Navy Blue, winging it out slightly. Line the lower lashline with Electric. Mascara! I used one coat of Yanqina's Step 1 and one coat of Step 2.

Apply Chocolate Rain.

Foundation as normal. Use Deep Dark to contour the hollows of your cheeks (or whatever shade would be more suitable color on your skin tone).

I'm not the best at sleeping as much as I should, so I tend to have perpetual bags under my eyes. Ah, well. I know the wing I did is slightly down-turned, but I still think it looks nice.

Oh, and by the way? If any of you should decide to write crossover fanfiction in which Balthier and Fran have a kid named Fang and then Ivalice slowly devolves into Gran Pulse? I'd read it. Just so you know. *coughcoughnudgenudgecrazyfictionrelatedconspiracytheories*

This series is a collaboration of looks done by Fierce Nerditude and Play Hard, Look Fabulous. All of these looks are inspired by the Final Fantasy series of video games!
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