Fierce Nerditude: Disney Inspired Look: Ursula

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Disney Inspired Look: Ursula

While I was super excited to get Ursula from Robyn, I think the look I did was really boring. Unfortunately, the only day I had the time to do makeup was Friday, which also happens to be lab day. Lab=Lab Goggles. Goggles+Heavy Eye Makeup? The results tend to be iffy at best. I also wound up skipping lipstick and foundation (Have you ever worn foundation with lab goggles? EW!), and I couldn't do fun lenses because contact lenses are a safety hazard in a laboratory environment, and I forgot mascara, so basically this was barely even a look. More like a look-ish thing. I swear I'm going to set more time aside for these things in the future, because I hate disappointing myself this way.

Ursula was the very definition of a scary villain, to me. Creepy, self interested... she could do magic, turn herself giant, take Ariel's voice away, plus, she had that bitchin' villain song! I don't know about you guys, but for me awesome villain songs make the villains themselves about 37% more awesome/scary than they already were. Not to mention she was lookin' to steal Ariel's man. Not cool, lady.

I really wish this look was a more dramatic one. I think I'm going to try and redo this soon, because I'm very unhappy.

  • Medium shader (MAC 239)
  • Pointed crease brush (MAC 226)
  • Dense blush brush (MAC 129)
  • Evil Shades Blush in Skön (Brown plum with pink highlight)
  • Eyelid shade from Wet N' Wild's Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment (Silvery lavender)
  • Crease shade from Wet N' Wild's Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment (Soft brownish black) 
  • Crease shade from Wet N' Wild's Color Icon Trio in Cool As A Cucumber (Cool eggplant)
Prime your eyes. Pick both the Eyelid shade from Silent Treatment and the Crease shade from Cool As A Cucumber up on the same side of the same 239 and apply all over the lid (this should make it a slightly deeper purple). Take the Crease shade from Silent Treatment and blend with the Crease shade from Cool as a Cucumber and sweep into the crease. Pick the Crease shade from Silent Treatment up on the edge of the 239 and line underneath the eye.

I'm not wearing anything but lip balm.

I skipped foundation and swept Skön onto my cheeks with the 129.

I wish the Plum from Cool As A Cucumber was more apparent in photos. In any case, I think the one thing I do like about this makeup is that it survived all through my day (including working in the lab!) without getting yucky. And yeah, since I've started school, my skin's started freaking out a bit. It's sort of inevitable for me, what with the stress. Ugh!

Be sure to check out Stay Beautiful for Robyn's take on Frollo!
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