Fierce Nerditude: Zoya Nail Polish in Yara

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish in Yara

If you have enough polish, you'll know that loads of shades wind up being very, very similar. But this shade? I actually don't have anything else quite like this. Considering all of the polishes I have, that's pretty awesome!

Some notes, again, on the formula: this is my third Zoya polish, and it's the third in a row that was a lovely just-right consistency. It dried with reasonable speed, and wasn't difficult to work with or fussy in any way. This shade was nearly opaque in a single coat, but I needed a second coat to really perfect it.

The color is a greyed green that looks almost khaki with gold shimmer. I really like this sort of green shade; it sort of edges on bright, but also doesn't. It's hard to explain, but it's not quite a bright green, yet I can imagine wearing this into some professional work environments because it edges on dull and neutral, as well.

The wear for this was great. All week with a proper top coat, and barely any tip wear at all.

The Good:
  • I like the way this color is. It's bright enough to feel like a bright color, but greyed down to not be too attention grabbing.
  • Non-fussy formula makes for easy application.
  • Reasonably quick dry-down.
  • Good consistency. Neither too thin nor too thick for me.
  • Opaque in just two coats. 
  • Good wear: a whole week with a top coat.
The Bad:
Nothing here.

The Neutral:
Nothing here!

Overall, I'm really happy with this color. I like that it's a neutral-ish green that's still sparkly enough to be interesting. The formula was spot on, so if you like this shade as much as I do, I definitely recommend it.

This is currently $8.00 from Zoya.
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