Fierce Nerditude: Zoya Nail Polish in Neeka

Monday, August 29, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish in Neeka

I recently won a giveaway from Krasey Beauty: The entire Fall Collection from Zoya! Twelve polishes! Woohoo! So, I'm going to be going through these guys bottle by bottle. The very first Zoya polish that I tried out was Neeka. Purple with that beautiful green shimmer? It was just calling for me!

First off, I'm glad I finally understand why Zoya polishes are so popular. In my opinion, they are just the right thickness and completely non-fussy. They dry quickly enough as well: by the time I finish the first coats on all of the nails on one hand, the first finger I did is ready for a second coat.

Neeka in particular is nearly opaque in a single coat, but I needed a second coat to perfect the coverage.

The color is a lovely greyed purple with bright green flecks. Unfortunately, the green flecks are less apparent when you do a second coat. I find that just running some nail polish remover quickly over the polish on your nails solves that nicely though.

This wore quite nicely for me. A full week with a proper top coat. I didn't experience any staining from this shade.

The Good:
  • I love the color. I've seen a lot of greyed purples lately, but with green shimmer?! This is just to die for!
  • Non-fussy formula makes for easy application.
  • Reasonably quick dry-down.
  • Good consistency. Neither too thin nor too thick for me.
  • Opaque in just two coats. 
  • Good wear: a whole week with a top coat.
The Bad:
  • I wish the green flecks were more apparent right off the bat. After a second coat they get a little drowned. It's simple enough to solve, but still!
The Neutral:
Nothing here!

Overall, my first experience with Zoya was a very good one. I like their polish formula a lot! The only problem with this particular shade is that the greenness of the flecks gets drowned out a bit--it's a shame because that's what makes this so special!

This is currently $8.00 from Zoya.
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