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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wet N' Wild Color Icon Trio: I Dream Of Greenie

I'm a huge fan of green eyeshadow, so this trio definitely looked like it would suit my tastes. Don't get me wrong, the colors are beautiful, but unfortunately (at least for me) not all three of the colors perform as well as they ought to.

If you want a close look at the packaging of the Color Icon Trios, please check the review I have up of Spoiled Brat: I go in depth about the labeling and applicators, et cetera.

The shades all swatched beautifully.

Left to Right: Eyelid, Crease and Browbone shades from 'I Dream of Greenie'
Moving on, here are the two issues I have with the palette. The smaller problem is that the Browbone shade is packed a bit loosely; be sure to tap your brush for excess product on this one. Seriously, I've used it three times and the 'Browbone' imprint is pretty much gone. The shade itself is beautiful and has a wonderful texture in use, but when you touch the brush to the pan, I suggest you do so lightly so that you don't get too much product. It works well, other than that slight issue, so I wouldn't write it off just because of that.

The larger issue is the Eyelid shade. It's a beautiful matte textured chartreuse with gold micro-glitter, and moreover, the kind of shade that's very rare in a more affordable drugstore item. Unfortunately, while it swatched beautifully, it just didn't come up to scratch on performance for me.

If I tried to apply it in a sweeping motion with my brush, the way the product spread sheered it out (I could see my lid from under the color). There was no slip whatsoever. Patting the shade on solved that problem for the large part, but at the same time I felt that for such a pigmented color I shouldn't have had to basically cake the shade on.

And then came the wear. Whereas I've been wearing the looks I've done with the other palettes out to exercise in very hot weather and they didn't budge by the time I was done (or even by the time eight hours had passed) the Eyelid shade from this palette was more than half gone by the time my two hour workout was over, and after the full eight hours only trace amounts of color were left. That's not to mention that the weather was pretty mild, too.

On the bright side, the Crease shade had a beautiful texture, pigmentation and was an all-around pleasure to use.

The Browbone shade is a pale shimmery green. Some issues with looseness on this one, but the texture in use was fine. It's one of those shades that's probably going to be a great highlight over any kind of green-based look.
The Crease shade is a cool, blue-green. This was a really lovely color to work with.
The Eyelid shade is a bright chartreuse with gold glitter. It's a very unique shade for the price point. I wish I could get it to work for me, but it just doesn't want to. If you are going to try and make it work, I definitely suggest patting over sweeping; it'll get you to complete opacity faster. Blend very carefully. Bristles seem to move the product around rather then spread it, if you get my drift.

The Good:
  • Super affordable on pretty much any budget.
  • The Crease and Browbone shade both have very nice textures and blendability.
  • The colors in the palette are cohesive and well-coordinated.
The Bad:
  • While unique, the lid shade just didn't work for me. The application was iffy and the wear wasn't on par with the rest of the Wet N' Wild shadows that I've tried.
  • The Browbone shade is a bit loose in the pan. Be careful not to pick to much up and you should be fine.
The Neutral:
  • The applicators are useless, but I assume you aren't buying this for those anyway.
Overall, if you were thinking of buying this just for the chartreuse shade, as people tend to do when they see bright pretty shades like it, I definitely wouldn't recommend it for that. That shade just didn't work for me, personally. The other shades are lovely, despite a slight issue with the brow shade being a touch loose in the pan and yielding too much product, I'd still happily recommend both it and the Crease shade for some great greens to add to your collection.

This is currently available at various drugstores for $2.99.

This review contains a sample/s sent by a company for evaluation purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, and fully honest based on my own experience/s.
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