Fierce Nerditude: NARS Nail Polish in Tokaido

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NARS Nail Polish in Tokaido

Anyone else have a ridiculous amount of trouble with scheduling? Blogger seems to want to reschedule my posts for whenever it feels like and it's driving me up a tree. Sorry for the two posts that went up and I took down yesterday, but they weren't supposed to go up until September--since school is starting soon, I've been writing some posts for next month to ensure my blog doesn't go neglected. I'm tearing my hair out here over the glitchy scheduling function, though... UGH! It's nuts!

So, I went shopping through my mom's stuff and found another polish I feel like showing you. And this one isn't a limited edition Chanel! Joy!

Sorry about the way the picture looks: like there's some nail showing through the polish. I promise that wasn't the case. I actually re-did my nails and took more pictures, but no matter how opaque the polish was in person, it wouldn't look fully opaque in pictures. Weird!

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of the NARS polish formula. I've tried two before, and though I can't remember which ones (I can't believe I didn't formally review them!) I was not impressed. The formula was the rare and odd combination of thin and slow to dry.

Thin formula of this particular polish isn't really a deal breaker for me: I prefer thin polishes to overly thick ones because they usually dry quickly. While other NARS polishes have dried slowly on me, this one turned out fine in that regard.

I needed three coats for opacity, because of the thinness of the formula. That's not too bad, but I prefer two-coaters.

Its wear was alright. It started showing tip wear after about four days' time, however it never chipped. It lasted through the weekand the tipwear never got much worse.

The color is a lovely dark purple with gold shimmer throughout. It looks lovely when the light hits it!

The Good:
  • I like the color. It's decently unique.
  • The formula dries quickly for layering, unlike other NARS polishes I've tried.
  • This is thin. I prefer a thin formula to a thick one.
  • The wear is decent.
The Bad:
  • I don't like having to do three or more coats for a polish. I could, with a formula like this, but I just don't want to. Annoying!
The Neutral:
Nothing here!

Overall, NARS polishes are expensive, and while that usually isn't a huge problem for me, I probably wouldn't buy this one. It's not that I wouldn't ever wear it, or even that the formula's bad: the formula is just sort of mediocre. I'd rather spend the money on a more agreeable polish.

This is currently $17.00 from Sephora.
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