Fierce Nerditude: Little FAQ Assistance

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little FAQ Assistance

Okay, so I'm writing up an FAQ for my blog because I think it's become necessary, and was hoping to hear some feedback. Is there anything you think I've missed or should add?

Who are you?
I'm a pirate, a ninja, an angry clown... they call me The First Avenger. Nice to meet you. Click over to my About Page for more info.

Can I call you Vijaya?
That's probably easier.

Can I leave a link in your comments?
Use your discretion. If I ask for links, absolutely. If it's to your personal blog or someone else's personal blog, it's probably no problem. I love finding new blogs. If it's to your own store/business/promotional material of any kind? The answer is probably no. The exception is if leaving a link is reasonable in a given situation: if there's a question about your shop where a link would be helpful, et cetera.

I try not to block people or delete comments, but if I have to then I have to. From this point onward, please refrain from leaving any sort of business links in the comments section.

Some people have pictures next to their comments. How do I do that?
When you click 'Post As...' you can see a lot of different options for your comment. You can sign in with Disqus, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or OpenID. I use Disqus, but it's my understanding that if you have a profile image with any of those sites and sign in with that site, that profile image is the image that'll show up next to your comment. If you use 'Guest,' you'll just get my little Fierce Nerditude heart icon.

I'm not sure if it's okay to curse in your comments.
Not a question, but the answer is: Fine with me. If you're okay saying 'OMFG,' don't feel like you can't type out 'Oh my fucking goodness' or whatever if you want to. If you feel okay saying 'Oh, $h*t,' then I don't see how it's different from saying 'Oh, shit.' Same message.

Casual profanity's fine with me. Just don't be mean. I'll usually delete any comments that are mean to other readers, profane or not.

Oh, and no racial or homophobic slurs whatsoever.

I want to buy some MAC eye brushes. What do you recommend to start out?
The 239 is a great shader that I use daily. The 217 is a great crease/blending brush that's nice and fluffy, but not too wide. The 275 is my favorite brush for highlighting and also works well in the crease. I swear, I have three of that one. For more precise creasework, smudging and things of that nature I like the 219. A lot of the time, these are the only four brushes I use on my eyes, so those are my must haves. If you like cream bases, I also suggest the 194 or 252. The 210 is a good script brush for gel or liquid liner, but you can probably find a cheaper dupe 

Can you review product x?
Companies (indie and otherwise), please have a look at my PR/Disclosure Page. If you just read, you can search to see if I've already written a review in the search in my sidebar. If I haven't, email, comment or find me on twitter. I'll generally do my best to get my hands on the stuff you want me to guinea pig for you. I'm pretty cool like that. Also, if I already have a product, those reviews'll probably go up faster than when I have to buy an item I don't have, and I might not wind up buying/reviewing more expensive items.

Can you review company x?
Maybe. Email me with a link to their storefront and I'll have a peek around.

What eye primer do you use?
Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

What race are you?
I actually get this a lot via email, so I may as well answer it publicly. I'm of Indian descent.

Wanna do a collaboration?
Probably! Email me.

Can I write a guest post?
Again, probably! Email me.

Are there any bases I didn't cover?
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