Fierce Nerditude: Eyeko London Lips in Mayfair

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eyeko London Lips in Mayfair

Don't you hate when your first impression of a brand is through a product you do not like? It was really lucky I did a huge haul when I got my hands on Eyeko's lip gloss in Mayfair, otherwise it may have been a very long time before I tried Eyeko again. Don't get me wrong, the product doesn't perform poorly... I just can't stand the smell!

This comes packaged in a standard squeeze tube. I'm sure you're familiar!

Eyeko's gloss is a thick formula. It's not quite as sticky as MAC's Lipglasses, but it's definitely not non-sticky. Let's say that on a scale of zero to ten, zero being the least sticky texture possible (like, maybe Vaseline) and ten being MAC's Lipglasses (which are thus far the stickiest formula I've come across) thiswould be a six or seven. It falls comfortably on the stickier end of the spectrum, but is fairly far from the stickiest products ever.

I love the pigmentation of this shade/product. Though it is a medium nude sort of color, and a gloss to boot, you get a really good amount of coverage from it (at least for a gloss). Check it out!

Mayfair on lips
The wear of this is great. Four-to-five hours before it's gone.

Generally, it's a great product. And then we get to the scent/taste. We all have some smells or tastes that we abhor. This has what seems to be the exact scent designed to make me gag. It's fruity, but not like real fruit. To me, the scent seems strongly synthetic. It reminds me of fruit-flavored children's cold medicine. Absolutely revolting! I've been using it trying to see if I can get used to the taste, but I just can't! It lingers the entire time the product's on (though that could just be for me, because I'm incredibly sensitive to scents I don't like).

Of course, smell/taste objections can be very subjective. This product may be perfectly fine in those fields for you, but for me? Ugh! I just can't do it! It's a shame, because I really do like everything else about this product.

Eyeko's Mayfair
Mayfair is a rosy (and slightly peachy), medium brown nude with a cream finish.

The Good:
  • Great wear for a gloss.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • I like the texture: it's smooth and thick. Though this is sticky, it's not that sticky.
The Bad:
  • Oh my goodness, the smell. I could be biased in saying it lasts forever--ever notice how smells you really don't like feel like they stick around more? Most people might adapt to the scent as most people do with most products, but I just can't. The smell of this is practically noxious to me (though friends of mine whom I've had sniff this don't hate it the way I do!)
The Neutral:
Nothing here.

Overall, I want to like this product. It's a good product, except for my hang up over the scent. Unfortunately the scent is so awful for me that I usually don't wear it. Pity because it's such a nice color. Have any of you tried this and/or other Eyeko glosses? Is the scent uniform for all of them, or does it vary from shade to shade? If the smell's just for this color, I might try other shades, but if they all smell like this... definitely not happening!

This is currently available from Eyeko (affiliate link) for $10.00.
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