Fierce Nerditude: Urban Decay Eyeshadow: Acid Rain

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Urban Decay Eyeshadow: Acid Rain

Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Acid Rain is a bit of an odd fixture in my collection. I got it really cheap on HauteLook (invitation) goodness-only-knows how long ago, and I've been using it very often since then.

I'm a big fan of Urban Decay's shadow formula. It's superbly smooth and very easy to blend. My favorite way to use this is to blend it out as a highlighting shade over a  green eye look! Unlike Oil Slick, this one didn't run dry at all and had good slip.

As per usual, this comes in Urban Decay's standard eyeshadow single packaging: The pans are set into these really cool cases that look like bus tokens! Definitely very cute, at least in my opinion!

Urban Decay's Acid Rain
I hate to use gross words to describe a color that I like, but I always think of this one as a booger green. Yes, you can laugh at me. This shade has a bit of a sheen: it's not a matte but there's no glitter or shimmer to speak of. It offers great pigmentation and all day wear (as Urban Decay shadows generally tend to do on me).

Unfortunately, this shade's been discontinued. I'm a little sad, but as I don't tend to use shadows up too often, I'm not really worried. I'm sure I'll find a reasonable dupe for it.

The Good:
  • This is a really neat color, and it's great for highlighting over a green eye.
  • Smooth, blendable texture.
  • Very nice pigmentation!
  • Great wear!
The Bad:
  • Obviously, that it's discontinued. Boo!
The Neutral:
Nothing here.

Overall, this is a really pretty shade from Urban Decay with a great formula. I'm really sad that it's not around anymore!

If you join HauteLook through this link or the one above marked invitation, I get $10 toward a future HauteLook purchase. Not really that important to me as I'm rarely interested in Hautelook's stuff, but I did want to point it out, and I do think it's worth joining because they do have some good stuff once in a while!
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