Fierce Nerditude: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Semi Precious Goldstone

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Semi Precious Goldstone

I promise, this is my very last Semi Precious review (and ridiculously overdue). Like always, though, I saved my favorite for last (though it was hard to choose between this one and Crystal Pink!)

This is my favorite for a reason: I think this color is perfect to use every single day. I can use it as a bronze contour or a subtle golden highlight on my skintone. I can also use it as a brownish peach blush.

Like the other Mineralize Skinfinishes in this collection, this has a heavier shimmer. I don't see this being a humongous problem if you're using it as a highlight or bornzing/contour shade

LtR: Inner color swatched heavily, outer color swatched heavily, both colors blended out
The inner color is a peach shade with a silvery highlight. It's fine as a blush on its own, and would probably be a highlight if you're of a medium-to-dark skintone.

The outer color is a warm golden-brown. It's a really lovely all-occasions highlight on my dark warm-toned skin. It might be too yellow for you if you're cooler toned, but then I'm never sure about these things.

The inner is a peached-up version of the outer shade: it's a little lighter, and people with more cool-to-neutral skin tones would probably prefer to use it this way.

Semi Precious Goldstone worn on face
Like I said, I loveitloveitloveit on me! I used it in my Rafiki Inspired Look, blended together and applied to the apples of my cheeks.

This wears all day on me without issue as a blush, bronzer and highlight, even in really hot weather. I also really appreciate that a normal sized blush brush like my MAC 129 can easily pick up just the outer color or just the inner color with no trouble!

 The Good:

  • This is a three in one product: you can use it as a blush a highlighter and a bronzer. Really cool, in my opinion!
  • I'm absolutely in love with the shade. I've been using it a lot.
  • The wear is perfect on me.
The Bad:
  • If you want to use it as a blush, it will probably emphasize pores or dry patches.
The Neutral:
Nothing here!

Overall, I really did like this product, but if you're cooler toned, you might have some trouble wearing just the outer shade. It's great as a general cheek product: you can highlight or contour with it, and you can also use it as just a regular blush.

This is currently available for $28.00 from MAC Cosmetics's website, counters and stores.
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