Fierce Nerditude: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Semi Precious Rose Quartz

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Semi Precious Rose Quartz

Not gonna lie, I've been feeling an urge to collect Mineralize Skinfinishes lately. They aren't exactly a flawless product, but they can really be quite pretty. Rose Quartz is one of the ones I like best, though!

First of all, if you really don't like shimmer, you are not likely to like this. Seriously, it's pretty shimmertastic: so much that when the light hits it, I look like my face has gone full disco ball. It's probably not going to be fun for a bad-skin week, but honestly? People always say that those with oily skin shouldn't wear shimmery face products: I just have a tendency not to care.

LtR: Middle color swatched heavily, outer color swatched heavily, both colors blended out
The middle shade in this guy is the more shimmery of the two: it looks green in the pan, but it's more of a pinkish white with bronze shimmer. I'd use this for highlighting on my skin tone, but I thought it looked odd on me as blush. If you're paler it could possibly work, though!

The outer shade is a much more blush-like. It's a slightly peachy pink with the same gold shimmer, and looks absolutely stunning on the face. I wish I had a face swatch for you, but they turned out so badly, I'm probably going to have to redo them later on!

When the two shades are blended together, you get a slightly lighter version of the outer shade.

MAC Semi Precious Rose Quartz
This product is by no means everyone's cup of tea. It's very shimmery, and does emphasize the texture of your skin, whatever that may be. I do, however, really think that the color's pretty if you don't mind the absolutely immense amount of shimmer.

This wears all day on me without issue, but it does have an unfortunate tendency to start looking gross if I should sweat, or anything like that.

I also really appreciate that a normal sized blush brush like my MAC 129 can easily pick up just the outer color or just the inner color with no trouble!

The Good:
  • I like both shades in this.
  • You get a highlighter-and-blush in one, and I always love multitaskers.
  • I like the warmer pink. Most pinks tend to be very cooled down, so a shade like this can be somewhat rare.
The Bad:
  • Emphasizes skin texture like crazy!
The Neutral:
  • Very shimmery. This goes hand in hand with emphasizing texture issues, but if your skin tends to look fine in heavy shimmer (or you just don't mind shimmer) this could still be a fun choice.
 Overall, I don't think that this is a product for everyone. While the color is pretty, the super-shimmery texture could be a turn off to those with oily skin, large pores or dry patches, et cetera. Personally, while I do find this emphasizes pores, I still like to use it just because I like shimmer and don't like having to not wear it just 'cause I'm on the oily side.

This is currently available for $28.00 from MAC Cosmetics's website, counters and stores.
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