Fierce Nerditude: Linnaeus Cosmetics Review: The Orchid Dottyback Collection (And Some Info!)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics Review: The Orchid Dottyback Collection (And Some Info!)

Linnaeus Cosmetics's independent website is launching today, woohoo! In the wake of their reopening, Marin provided free samples to a bunch of bloggers, so here they are, right on time for the sale starting today (more info on this later)!

I feel like I constantly harp on the Linnaeus shadow formula, but it's consistently very smooth, very blendable and offers lovely pigmentation, so that's a win for me. And, as usual, all three of these offered me great wear: fine without primer (five hours before fading) and perfect with (my full eight hour day, no issues).

So here are some swatches:
Top, Patted On, Left to Right: Truculent, Ru Blu, Reef
Bottom, Foiled, Left to Right: Truculent, Ru Blu, Reef
I decided to throw these into the same picture, since they look basically same for the most part. Foiled, these look basically the same but more intense. Truculent has a fine red glitter that comes out a bit more, but other than that, no huge events. My favorite of these is, quite predictably Truculent, though Ru Blu deserves a special mention for being a very clear, bright blue.

Left to Right: Truculent, Ru Blu, Reef
As you can see, both Ru Blu and Reef have a visibly white base. Thankfully, this wasn't a problem in application for me; just in swatching.

The colors are:
Truculent is a bright, medium sort of lavender-ish purple with red shimmer. Foiling this shade will bring the shimmer out a bit more.
Ru Blu is a bright, clear looking blue.
Reef is a coral-y shade: pink with orange-y tones. Gorgeous shade, though I may not be buying a full size because I'm not sure it's really 'me'. We'll see how the money-math works out.

None of these shades is lip safe.

The Good:
  • I love the bright, contrasting shades.
  • Smooth, blendable texture.
  • Great wear! All day with primer, five hours without. Keep in mind, this is summer. I was sweating like heck during that wear test!
The Bad:
Nothing here!

The Neutral:
Nothing here, either!

Overall, the Linnaeus shadow formula is one of my favorites, period. The shadows are always smooth and easy to apply. It's why I keep going back to them!

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, Linnaeus's store is opening up today. There was a week of giveaways, but I couldn't get this post done in time because the post office didn't get my samples to me until a few days ago. Ick!

Straight from the email that Marin sent to participating bloggers:
Once the site launches on July 9th, for every $10 a customer spends at LC in month of July, they will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three gift bags full of indie bath and beauty items. I’ve purchased items from One Hand Washes the Other, Dreaming Tree Soapworks, and The Morbid The Merrier for the giveaway. It’s going to be an awesome set of prizes!
There's also going to be a big fat sale: from today at noon until tomorrow at noon, single eyeshadows are buy-four-get-one. Two collections (six individual shadows) will also get you one eyeshadow for free. I'm told that to keep up with costs, Linnaeus's prices are bumping up a bit; nothing awful. Singles will now be $6 each, and collections $16. Still very affordable!

 This review contains a sample/s sent by a company free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own, and fully honest based on my own experience/s.
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