Fierce Nerditude: Final Fantasy Inspired Look: Brother

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Final Fantasy Inspired Look: Brother

Sorry for the horrible pic.. I think its time for a new camera
It's almost the weekend, so you know what time it is! Time for another Final Fantasy Inspired Look, and this week, it's Christa's turn to wow us! (I actually always thought that Brother's name was Brother, not that he just didn't have a name!)
Brother is "Rikku's Al Bhed brother... no, apparently he doesn't have a name. ^^; He's rather brash, but a decent blitzball player and a good airship pilot. He even makes a half-hearted attempt at learning English, such as it is. [X-2] The "leader" of the Gullwings (although no one really listens to him), Brother has become a parody of himself with his ridiculous animations and voices. He's learned English to some extent, mainly in an attempt to impress the newly babe-arific Yuna."

Brother was always one of my favs.. I think he's hilarious.. he gets so shy when it comes to Yuna!
Character Description and picture taken from FFcompendium
Products used:

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in milk (on lid and underneath the eye)
NYX eyeshadow in White (Ecotools Highlight Brush)
Concrete Minerals - Jezebel ( Mac 217) >purple<
Noella Beauty Works - Deep Waters ( Mac239) >blue<)
Regeneration Alchemy- Lilac ( no name smudge brush) >light purple<
Concrete Mineral- Juvenile  ( Ecotools Small Smudge brush) >yellow<
Hi Fi Cosmetics - Suicide Trees ( Eyeliner brush) >green<
Jordana auto liner in black
Maybelline the falsies
Maybelline Lip Pencil in Red
Kitty Makeup - Liquid Cherry Lip Gloss

This series is a collaboration of looks done by Fierce Nerditude and Play Hard, Look Fabulous. All of these looks are inspired by the Final Fantasy series of video games!
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