Fierce Nerditude: Comparison: Sparkly Blacks (Creep, Those Gams!, Oil Slick, Inglot #65, Coal and Diamonds, Dark Soul)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Comparison: Sparkly Blacks (Creep, Those Gams!, Oil Slick, Inglot #65, Coal and Diamonds, Dark Soul)

Left to Right: Creep, Those Gams!, Oil Slick, Inglot #65, Coal and Diamonds, Dark Soul
So, in the comments on my review of Urban Decay's Oil Slick, Ki of Ki and Makeup was curious about which was better, Creep (from Urban Decay's Naked Palette) or Oil Slick, so I decided to throw together a quickie comparison post of sparkly blacks that I use frequently.

By the way, if you've requested a post, please don't think I forgot about you (Ashley, I'm going to do an Inglot look for you very soon!) I just did this first because it would only take a few minutes to take the necessary photos.

The shades above, from left to right are:

Urban Decay's Creep which is a softer black. It's more of a really dark gray than anything, but I definitely see myself calling it black when I don't have really rich blacks next to it for comparison. The shimmer in this is also (redundantly) shimmer and not really what I'd call 'fine glitter', which to me is a bit bigger. Looking closely at the shimmer here, it might be blue, but I'm not really sure..? It's too small for me to tell if it's blue or silver, but it's no dupe for Oil Slick!

Linnaeus Cosmetics's Those Gams! which is another soft, olive toned black. Like Creep, it doesn't look black at all compared to these truer blacks, but when I see it on its own it feels like it qualifies, you know?

Urban Decay's Oil Slick which is the richest black of this lot, in my opinion. It's sparkle is not quite shimmer, but it doesn't have straight up giant glitter particles either.

Inglot's #65 which is slightly softer black than Oil Slick. This is the closest one to a dupe that I have here. The glitter is finer than Oil Slick, but there's less of it, as well. The pan is humongous in comparison. If having the blackest black in the universe isn't a priority for you, and you're just looking for one very (though not completely) true sparkling black, I'd say this is a good choice and your best value for your money.

Sundara Cosmetics's Coal and Diamonds is a black with fine silver glitter. This has more shimmer factor than Oil Slick (total disco ball thing goin' on here!) but the base color is the same, to my eye. This is another affordable option, if that's a priority for you, though I do have a special for the portability of pressed shadows myself.

MAC Cosmetics's Dark Soul Pigment is another color that looks black when you don't have it next to a truer black for comparison. This is greyer and bluer toned than Oil Slick. Being a pigment, it is also loose, and a jar of this is more expensive than a pan of Oil Slick. I haven't formally reviewed this, but I used it in my Larxene Inspired Look.

And since the whole point of this post was to compare Oil Slick to Creep, here they are right next to each other. (I swatched Creep below Oil Slick, as you can sort-of-see in the above picture. I just turned the image to get the following.)
Left to Right: Creep, Oil Slick
  • Oil Slick and Coal and Diamonds have the darkest base colors. The latter has more (and finer) sparkle and is also loose.
  • Creep and Dark Soul are in the same color family. Dark Soul is the darker of the two and is also loose.
  • Dark Soul, Those Gams! and Creep aren't what I'd call true blacks. Dark Soul and Creep seem to be greyish with some blueness, and Those Gams! is obviously olive toned.
  • Inglot's #65 is a touch softer than Coal and Diamonds and Oil Slick, but is so reasonably similar to Oil Slick that I'd say most people wouldn't need both shades.
Overall, I really think I need to side-by-side my black shadows more often. When I think 'sparkly black', these are the shades I reach for the most and many of them aren't really even that dark. Dark Soul was, at one point, the very idea of my definition of a very dark black. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty dark, but I was surprised to see how blue it looked. Imagine that!
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