Fierce Nerditude: Aqua Blossom Creamy Sugar Scrub Cubes

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aqua Blossom Creamy Sugar Scrub Cubes

I love unique, nifty products, don't you? They are my favorite thing ever. Aqua Blossom's Creamy Sugar Scrub Cubes are nothing if not very cool, and effective, too!

Aqua Blossom's creamy sugar scrub cubes are small blocks of creamy soap saturated with sugar. They come in two scents: Cucumber Melon (the little green dudes) and Lemon Verbena (the little yellow ones). The Cucumber Melon is sweet but, clean scent: it smells like, for lack of a better comparison, soap. It's slightly foody, but not in the way that'll make you want to actually eat it (probably). I admit that I'm not 100% sure what verbena smells like (though I have an idea), but the Lemon Verbena smells like sweet lemon, to me.

The scent from these does linger, but lightly. People won't smell you come into the room, but if you put your nose to your skin you can detect the Cucumber Melon or Lemon Verbena smell. Personally, I prefer it that way.

Each cube is about an inch.

These are available packaged eight to a box (four Lemon Verbena and four Cucumber Melon) or in a 16 oz jar (which, according to the listing fits sixteen to eighteen cubes). You can also contact Ashley for just one scent or a differently sized container, if you like. If you get the box, the cubes will also come baggied, as shown in the picture above.

So one thing I'm going to note is that, these aren't exactly what I thought they'd be. I've had sugar scrubs that are sort of like this: they were loosely packed and melted quickly, 'cause, you know, sugar. These, however are more soap than sugar. I've been using these for nearly three weeks, and I haven't finished a full cube yet.

I've discovered that there are two ways that you can use these. The first is as a whole cube: if I use these as full cubes, I find them less scrubby, but they last longer, and it's probably a bit kinder to more delicate areas like the arms or chest. The second way is to run it under hot water and break a small piece off. These are creamy and moisturizing, so it's easy to sort of squash it into a super scrubby semi-paste. Just be careful not to let it wash down the drain. Naturally, if you're breaking bits off, it's going to get used up pretty fast (I use about an eighth of a single cube for one shower if I'm doing this). If you're doing this, I think it's great for knees, elbows, bottoms of feet, et cetera (think thicker).

These aren't sulphate free, if that's what you're looking for, but I did find them decently conditioning for my skin (and without leaving a greasy residue).

The Good:
  • I like that you can use this both as a lighter scrub and a heavier one. Not sure if my breaking-bits-off method is an intended use (probably not) but hey, it's easy and it works.
  • I like the scents. Fragrance is subjective, of course, but I think these'll be hard to object to for most, just because they smell more 'clean' than anything.
  • I feel clean and slightly moisturized after using these, which is a big plus. I don't like using a soap and then running for the lotion bottle out of need.
  • Affordable. Sixteen to eighteen of these will only run you just over $10.
  • These aren't a gross, melty sugar scrub.
  • I like that the scent lingers, but not in such a way as to suffocate innocent bystanders. Just sayin'.
The Bad:
  • Limited variety. Hopefully there'll be more scents going out into the future!
The Neutral:
  • If you're looking for something sulphate free specifically, this isn't it.
Overall, I think these are a cool and reasonably versatile product that do their job well. I like that they don't have a short life (I go through most sugar scrubs like bottles of water). While I think the scents are innocuous (the kind of thing I might get as a gift for someone whose tastes I don't know), I'd like to see more variety. Once I run out of these, I'll probably be buying more!

These are currently $6.00-$10.50 in the Aqua Blossom Etsy shop.

This review contains a sample/s sent by a company for evaluation purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, and fully honest based on my own experience/s.
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