Fierce Nerditude: Roller Ball Lip Balms

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roller Ball Lip Balms

Clockwise from top left: Grape, Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry
Fun fact, as I was captioning that image, I almost wrote "Grape, Apple, Kitty, Penguin." I don't know what kitty or penguin would taste like, but it wouldn't be good, right? Probably? Anyway, being a lip balm fiend, I thought I'd introduce you to some of the members of my collection, starting with the very cutest ones. These little lip balm spheres are 100% moisturizing, and 100% adorable!

I have to admit, these were a Hot Topic impulse buy. "Take me home with you!" they said, tempting me from the safety of their online photos, "Love meeeee!" And how could I resist those big cute eyes? I'm only human.

Luckily the balms themselves weren't bad either. They all have strong, synthetic fruit fragrances. I, personally, even being the sort of person who is sensitive to sweeter scents, didn't find these particularly unappealing, but your mileage may vary a bit on that. These also taste sweet--like fruit flavored candy. Specifically they remind me a bit of Jolly Ranchers.

In terms of moisture these did a delightful job. It lasted a good long time, left my lips tasting good and both feeling and looking smooth. They melt very well. I find balms that are too melty leave my lips greasy, whereas balms that don't melt enough leave me feeling either unmoisturized, or like I have a thick layer of product on my mouth. Yuck!

The balms inside are brightly colored.

Clockwise from top left: Grape, Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry
My main concerns over these are the ingredients. The main base for these balms is mineral oil. These also contain synthetic fragrance and color, as well as parabens. These are also non-vegan (they contain beeswax). If none of these are concerns for you, and you're okay with sweet, fruity flavors, then I don't see that there'd be any huge issues.

Also, if you put these down on flat surfaces, they will roll away: That's why I had to take the image at the head of the post in my hand.

The Good:
  • Moisturizing.
  • Lasts well.
  • Ultra cute!
The Bad:
  • You seriously cannot stop these guys from rolling away. Want to empty the contents of your pocket onto the coffee table to search for the keys? Right after, you'll have to search for the lip balm. Ha!
The Neutral:
  • Depending on your ingredients preferences, these have a mineral oil base and a lot of synthetic ingredients.
  • The taste/smell. It reminds me of fruit candy--specifically Jolly Ranchers. You'll taste these for as long as they're on.
Overall, if you really like cute things, and don't mind the scents, tastes and ingredients mentioned,  I don't believe that you'll be too disappointed. These do a great job at moisturizing, and are just all around fun to look at!

Currently, the apple flavor is available online for $4.99. You might be able to find them at your local Hot Topic, as well.
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