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Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Blog Awards: Two Stylish Bloggers and One Lovely Blog!

Sorry to some of you guys: I bet you thought I forgot, right? I swear, I didn't, I just had some trouble figuring out when I was going to post this, and since I'm having some camera issues, I thought the time would be right!

So now for some big fat thank yous! Thank you to Sumitha of Be Beauty-licious for a Stylish Blogger Award; she does such lovely, colorful eyes! Thank you to Sonia of Red Lips, Black Hair for my more recent Stylish Blogger Award. She's gorgeous, has an awesome blog, and a taste for red lipsticks. I swear, she always picks out the sexiest ones (and they all look great on her)! Thank you to Mandy of Prettymaking for the One Lovely Blog Award: She does some of the most beautiful eye looks. I adore her blog!

Apparently, you're supposed to give 7 facts per award? Or so I've been told since my last few rounds. So let's watch me struggle to figure out what to say.
  • I like to re-read things and replay video games. Part of the joy of a good story is the ability to pick it up and relive it, isn't it? Reading the first few chapters of Naruto brings me right back to JHS, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone brings me straight back into my childhood. Some of my clearest memories are (HARRY POTTER SPOILERS FROM BOOKS 5 AND 6!) when Sirius and Dumbledore died. When I got to the part about Fawkes's song after Dumbledore's death, (END OF SPOILERS!) the sun was rising, because I hadn't gone to sleep since I got the book. I cried myself to sleep that morning. And no, it wasn't pre-spoiled for me, even though it was apparently pre-spoiled for everyone else. Probably because I was 12 or 13 at the time and didn't really hang around internet forums, or things like that.
  • I recently started watching two new cartoons: Adventure Time and Regular Show. I mentioned it in my May Favorites: I really like them. They're odd, and remind me of the older kids' shows that weren't so toothless. I'm not sure if they are kids shows, actually!
  • I like Lady Gaga. Most people wouldn't guess that, and I didn't like her at first. She's weird, she does her own thing, she seems like she's enjoying herself, and I think it's cool.
  • I pace chronically. I just can't help it!
  • I think it's weird that people who hated Britney Spears suddenly loved her after that thing a few years ago (I don't remember what happened, but something did). Umm? That's weird. This is not me hating on Britney. She's alright. Good on Chris Crocker for being an ever-loyal fan. It's those bandwagon jumpers who make me make my incredulous face.
  • I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I also really don't get why so many Americans were so into the royal wedding. Two people you don't even know were getting married. It happens all the time. They're not our royalty. Big whoop?
  • I'm currently listening to the song 'Running' by No Doubt. I love it: it reminds me of the ending of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (another show I grew up with; I love Melissa Joan Hart!)
  • My girl crushes include Melissa Joan Hart, Sofia Vergara, Amy Lee, Sarah Silverman... I could go on for a while, actually.
  • My favorite Final Fantasy game is XII, though I haven't played XIII yet. XII's animation, voice acting, dialogue, story, female characters (and Balthier, too) all really just appeal to me.
  • I hate when the main complaint about a female video game/comic book/other form of nerd-media character is that their outfit is too revealing. It has the same implications as saying that real women who wear revealing clothing are less awesome than ones who don't. Not true and not cool. Plus, I enjoy uber revealing outfits in fiction, regardless of the character's gender. They're fun. I especially like  Kouga's skirt (from Inuyasha). =P
  • It took me over an hour to come up with the facts that I have so far. I started at 7:20 PM and now it's 8:40 PM on the nose.
  • I watch Man V. Food. Adam Richman has a really fun personality on-screen. I wonder if he's like that in real life!
  • I try not to read too many wikis, because I'm one of those people who winds up clicking a million links and reading through all of them. I can start at Inuyasha and wind up in British Royal Traditions a few hours later. HOW?
  • I finished reading the Inuyasha manga last week. That was some ending (haha, I don't want to have to use my ghetto spoiler tag again!) I've since started rereading Naruto from the beginning for sentimental reasons: I'm up to chapter 104 (the part where he fights Neji in the Chuunin Exam Finals).
  • I'm one of the few people who read/watch Naruto that also liked Sakura from the beginning. I mean, come on, she was interesting! I don't particularly like Hinata. Nothing against her, but I don't get the appeal? I guess I'm just weird like that.
  • I've never been able to pick a favorite Naruto character. I can tell you a few who I definitely don't care for, though. Hinata, Naruto, Sasuke, Ino, Jiraiya (I know most people like him, but I don't!)... a few more, as well. Just... meh.
  • I know this is blasphemous, but I really like anime fillers sometimes. Especially the stupid ones. They help lighten up the mood when things get intense.
  • I sometimes go for long periods of time without wearing nail polish. Other times I'm always wearing nail polish. I guess I just go through phases! I'm currently in a no-polish phase. I was in an always-wearing-polish phase when I started this blog, though, and I think it shows. I have a lot of nail reviews up! They're second only to eyeshadow, actually!
  • I've been looking for some good books to read. By the way, this is your invitation to volunteer some recommendations, if you have any! ;)
  • I'm also looking for some new songs. Especially mindless, catchy, upbeat, dance-type ones, because I don't have lots of those. Recommendations of any kind will be much appreciated, though!
  • This whole post took me over an hour and a half. Gah. Thank goodness I'm finished. It was fun, though!
Any of my nominees can pick which award they want (or two, or even all of them!)

The 3 Lovely Ladies at Beauty Raid
mNg of I'm Not Skinny, So What?
Mandy of Prettymaking
Candace of Cinnamon Candies
Sumitha of Be Beauty-licious
Ki of Ki and Makeup

Can't wait to see all of your awards' posts!
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