Fierce Nerditude: Lux Naturals Soap Review: Blackberry Sage

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lux Naturals Soap Review: Blackberry Sage

Ever have an item that just doesn't want to look on camera like it does in real life? This soap was a pain in the butt to photograph. No matter what I do (natural light, artificial light, switching cameras, photographing it in different rooms, photographing it outside) it looks pale and sickly, like there's a thin white film over it that I can't see with my naked eye. It's a shame because this guy is actually a lovely rich shade of lime green with some royal blue swirled in. I decided to resort to the trick I used when I reviewed Frayed to Order (photographing against the light) and it helped, but just a bit. If I were any good with Photoshop, I might've edited it for accuracy, but as this isn't a color cosmetic, I didn't think it would be worth the effort.

Now that I'm done ranting about the fact that this soap is beautiful, but not photogenic, I'll dive into the things about Lux Naturals's Blackberry Sage soap that actually matter.

I won a Lux Naturals soap of my choice in a Twitter giveaway. The selection was a little overwhelming, and a lot of them sound great. I almost considered getting the fragrance free 'Plain Jane' option, but then I saw one with sage in the name. Oooh!

I like that the ingredients are fully listed on labels on the back of the wax paper bag!

When I initially opened the baggie, Blackberry Sage initially smelled like more like blackberry and less like sage, but after I took it out and let it breathe a bit, it smelled more sage-y with a touch of blackberry than anything. That's pretty much how I like it. It smells amazing. The scent doesn't linger much on the skin, though.

I know some people don't like natural soaps because they don't always lather, and though it's not important to me personally, I'd like to point out that this lathers quite well.

Another thing I'd like to add is that while this doesn't leave me feeling dry per se, it also doesn't leave me feeling moisturized like it mentions on the site, either. Nevertheless, it hasn't aggravated my eczema whatsoever. I've been keeping it on a soap saver, and I've been using it for over three weeks. There's definitely more than half of it left, so a single bar does last decently well (I like to be really generous when using my soap).

This also really works wonders as shampoo (I think I might like it better as shampoo than I do as soap!) It clarifies and makes my curls feel clean, but not stripped, and leaves a light (but not overpowering) scent behind. If you buy yourself a bar, I definitely suggest trying to use it that way!

The Good:
  • The scent is a-mazing. Even if you're not into sage, there are a lot of other fragrance choices that sound worth checking out.
  • Does a great job cleaning.
  • My skin loves it.
  • No SLS. I love that!
  • The bar lasts and is not super melty. Just keep it on (or in) something that drains so that it's not just sitting in water (good rule for all soaps, actually). I use a soap saver that I won in a different giveaway from this same company.
The Bad:
Nothing in particular.

The Neutral:
  • Scent doesn't really linger. If you're looking for that, I'd say you might want to look elsewhere. If you prefer a light, non-lingering fragrance, then you've got it here.
Overall, if you want a great scented soap (or makeshift shampoo bar) with natural ingredients, I really like this. It's a definite product-I-think-I'll-replace-the-second-it's-gone, for me--I may have some reservations about recommending this to someone with very dry skin who was seeking an actively moisturizing soap, though. Some of my skin is very easily irritated, however, and I've experienced no problems. I'm glad, because a lot of fragrant options make my eczema freak out!

This is currently available for $6.50 a bar at Lux Naturals's site. There are also value sets available.

Lux Naturals is also available in Whole Foods Union Square, for all you New Yorkers who are reading!
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