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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest Post: Wet N' Wild Color Icon Brow and Eye Liners

Top to Bottom: White, Charcoal, Purple
Today I have a special treat for you guys. A friend of mine is writing a guest post. Woohoo! =D Alysha writes really great, thorough reviews and I'm really glad I get to share one of them with you today!

I own three of the Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Brow and Eye Liners so far and I’ll get straight to the point and say that I’m very impressed.

These only cost $0.99 and are much longer than most of the more expensive drugstore pencil liners you may find. These are extremely long, and so you get tons of product for the small pricetag. Being the genius I am, I managed to not show the whole pencil in any of the pictures, but I promise that they are huge. When I grabbed them up at my local Five Below, I stopped for a moment and marveled at how long they are.

Top to Bottom: White, Charcoal, Purple
I will admit that the first time I saw them, that I didn’t grab any. For 99 cents, I figured it’d be play makeup quality. But then I considered the quality of the Wet N’ Wild eyeshadow palettes I that I had been collecting, and thought perhaps they’d be of a surprisingly superior quality like them. Boy, was I right! These were absolutely effortless to swatch and of good opacity with one light stroke. With 1 or 2 extra swipes, they were at their maximum opacity that blew me away considering my initial skepticism and their price.

Left to Right: White, Charcoal, Purple
I have been using these babies every single day since I bought them. I find that with a good primer, they don’t go anywhere. I normally set these with a similar colored eyeshadow as well in order to be on the safe side, mostly because it’s summer and my everything on my face tends to melt off without excessive setting. *I set my foundation with setting spray and then set the spray with powder.  Need we say more?*

These are so easy to sharpen that I find myself sharpening them every day just so I can have a nice sharp point rather than true necessity. The wood doesn’t snag in the sharpener and the points have never fallen out on me and gotten caught in the sharpener. For the price and their size, I’d be willing to sharpen them all day and not feel one bit bad about it!

As far as color variety goes, these pencils come in 15 colors, ranging from your typical neutral staples, to bright colors like a purple or sky blue. I have the white, charcoal gray, and bright purple varieties so far. I make sure to say "so far" because without a doubt, I will be purchasing pretty much all of the colors eventually. Bright blues and greens? Come to mama!!

They lose a few points from me for not having truly funky colors. My addiction to red eyeliners and eyeshadows will never be satisfied by Wet N’ Wild in general. If they wanted to satisfy me 100% personally, they’d have some red, orange, and yellow going on! Most people would be more than satisfied with their color selection, especially the more conservative customer type that they cater more towards. With that taken into consideration, I can’t complain because they did deliver with more bright colors than most drugstore brands will.

The Good:
  •  Very pigmented.
  • Cheap. Only $0.99 each, possibly less if you catch them on sale at your local drugstore if they sell Wet N' Wild products.
  • Fairly good color selection.
  • Good qulity packaging. You won't find them breaking while sharpening, etc.
  • Lots of product. Really, they're huge!
  • These are good both on the lid and waterline. The white isn't the kind of white eyeliner that will dissolve in your waterline.
The Bad:
  • No bright warm colors like red, orange or yellow. If you wanted a complete rainbow of eyeliner, you'd be missing quite a few. The warm colors are things like bronzes, browns, taupe and an amethyst shade.
  • I find that the white is somewhat firmer than the others and does tug at the lid a bit. It doesn't bother me because I mainly use white in the waterline anyway.
The Neutral:
  • Some people may find the need to set them. I set every eyeliner to avoid melty disasters, but with these I have forgotten and they have stayed put as long as I used a primer.
  • This opinion is coming from a girl who uses mainly drugstore products. If you’re a high-end girl, perhaps you’ve experienced some better quality $20 eyeliner that’s very unlikely to compete with this. But I say that they’d be worth the try, because at the end of the day everyone likes to save money.
Overall, A+. I highly suggest these to any person whether they are beginners, looking around for a more budget-friendly eyeliner, or just need a few more colors to add to their collection for when its experimentation time. Even if you only pick up one, I’d say give them a try and see if you like them!
Thanks for reading! <3 Alysha

A big thank you to my friend Alysha for writing up this thorough and informative review. You can find more of her musings (and some really awesome Born This Way inspired face charts) on her Luuux Page. Be sure to follow and comment her up if you're a Luuux user (or if you join) 'cause she's saving up for a camera!

If you are interested in writing me a guest post, you can contact me at  fiercenerditude@hotmail.com
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