Fierce Nerditude: Final Fantasy Inspired Look: Lulu

Friday, June 3, 2011

Final Fantasy Inspired Look: Lulu

Hello, all. It's Friday again, which means it's time for another entry in to Christa and my Final Fantasy Inspired series of looks!
Hey loves, this week's Final Fantasy inspired look is Lulu from Final Fantasy X. Her look is wild and fantastical but elegant all in the same.

Image taken from Final Fantasy Compendium
"Lulu has apparently made a business of being a guardian for summoners; Yuna's her third pilgrimage, the first being Lady Ginnem, who died, and the second being Father Zuke, who quit. She grew up in Besaid Island (though she seems extremely out of place with the islanders). She was romantically involved with Wakka's brother, Chappu, and after his death became fairly glum; she now rarely smiles. She takes a long time to get used to Tidus because of his resemblance to Chappu. Lulu has a jaded view of the world; she doesn't try to stop people from doing what they want to do, and they leave her the hell alone. She's very knowledgable and is usually the person who explains everything to Tidus. She shares Wakka's optimism in the Yevon church, but her world-weary approach means she's not quite as broken when she sees the truth. In battle, Lulu's the main Black Mage and attacks with cute widdle dolls." (Passage taken from Final Fantasy Compendium)

I really love Lulu's look..mainly because its a bunch of purple but because it is wild! Lulu was always a thumbs up character for me because she kicks butt ( even though the widdle dolls creep me out.. I don't like dolls lol) but because she has the motherly complex and is a soft person!
Products used:
- NYX white with Ecotools Highlight Brush
-Inglot 392 with MAC 217
-Fyrinnae's Sennyo with Ecotools crease brush and MAC 239 ( out crease about 1/4 in and up and on lid)
-Sugarpill Flamepoint with L&C  Dome round brush (inner corner)
-BFTE Black with L&C Dome round ( outer V and brushed half way through crease)
-Milani auto liner in black
-Sugarpill Love+ with L&C Dome round  (on bottom next to liner about 1/3 in)
-Maybelline the Falsies

-Loreal Hip gloss in Astounding with E.L.F lip brush
Image taken from Final Fantasy Compendium
This series is a collaboration of looks done by Fierce Nerditude and Play Hard, Look Fabulous. All of these looks are inspired by the Final Fantasy series of video games!
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