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Monday, June 27, 2011

Evil Shades Cosmetics Review: Matte Silk

Along with my last Evil Shades blush purchase, I received a free sample of their new mattifying finishing powder, Matte Silk.

This finishing powder has a lovely, finely milled texture. It goes on very smoothly. I just buff it on with a kabuki and it sets my makeup and mattes down my skin. I also really like this powder for blotting.

Without a finishing powder, my face is shiny within the half hour. If I use this on top, it becomes more like four to four and a half, if it isn't humid. On a very humid day, it'll be more like two and a half to three hours. It'll probably do better in winter when I'm not sweating like crazy (New York summers are surprisingly hot!) This all may not sound like much, but I'm very prone to shine; like I said, I'm usually shiny in under a half-hour. With this, if I blot just one more time during the day, I'm covered 'til I get home to take my makeup off (I have an 8 hour day without commute, 10 hour with commute), which is great because when I use blotting sheets, I need to reach for them twice more, maybe three times on occasion.

If you're darker skinned, like me, you may need to blend this a little extra. Since the packaging of the sample doesn't have a sifter I pick up quite a bit of product on my brush, and when I buffed it on at first it looked like it gave me an ever-so-slight whitish cast. Take an extra second to blend a bit more; this powder does become transparent. My guess is that since the full size will have a sifter, this won't be necessary, but I can't be sure of whether this will still be a problem even with a sifter, as I don't own one.

Open Clamshell Containing Matte Silk
You don't need much product for one use. I've used this sample five times and still have plenty to go (though I probably apply more sparingly than some). The reason I don't use this more often is quite simple. It's loose.

I really prefer a pressed setting powder so that I can carry it around and blot with it as well. Despite the fact that it works well, I don't know that I'd purchase it. I suppose I could use it as the finishing powder I keep on my dresser (as opposed to the compact I stuff in my makeup bag) but there's the additional issue that with items that fall more along the lines of a staple, I like the convenience of being able to replace them at the drop of a hat (Evil Shades is an online company with a ten day turnaround).

I'd also like some more portability, though Andrea's hinted to me she may be pressing these, she hasn't said anything more definitive. Maybe if she presses this, I'll make an exception to my I-need-setting-powder-right-away rule? I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

While this is a product that I genuinely like very much, I'll be looking elsewhere to meet my specific needs (at least for now). When I place another Evil Shades order, I may put a full size in my cart to keep on the dresser for my morning makeup.

The Good:
  • This mattifies very well, and lasts too. I'm very oily and four-to-five hours in summer is about as well as I can expect a powder to work (at least thus far).
  • Transparent. Does well on my dark skin tone (other than the fact I need to buff it a bit more).
  • Sets makeup well.
  • A little goes a long way.
The Bad:
See Neutral. The 'Bad' points for me could be seen as quite neutral, for many.

The Neutral:
  • Availability, though I don't suppose that can be helped. If there's something in my collection as essential as finishing powder, I like to be able to just run down to the store and pick one up in case there's a spill, or something.
  • I prefer pressed.
Overall, the main downfall of this product for me was that I really like it as a blotting powder and can't conveniently use it that way. If you press powders yourself (I don't), don't mind using a loose powder to blot (I do), don't care about having to wait for it (I do), or only want a regular old finishing powder (I might--I rarely use finishing powder as my usual foundation doesn't need to be set, but if I order soon, I could see myself buying it to use for that purpose) I don't have any trouble recommending this. It's a really nice powder!

The full size of this (packaged in a 20-gram sifter jar) is available from Evil Shades for $9.50. I'm actually not sure if samples are available for purchase, as I can't find a listing on the site, but I would think so..? I've just contacted Andrea to ask and will update once I know more. I got a really quick response. She told me that they aren't listed for sale, but she's willing to provide a free sample with purchase to anyone who asks!
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