Fierce Nerditude: Evil Shades Cosmetics Review: Blush (Skön)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Evil Shades Cosmetics Review: Blush (Skön)

Evil Shades Blush in Skön
Sorry for not posting over the weekend, guys but I needed some me time. Plus a friend of mine asked me to write her a piece of fiction as her birthday present, so I wanted to make some headway with that. Right now I'm gonna try and prepare enough posts for the next two weeks. I'm getting Ocarina of Time for the 3DS (hopefully by tomorrow) so I'm probably going to be distracted for a nice long while. I'll try to do my best, though!

A few weeks back, I took advantage of a buy-two-get-one blush sale from Evil Shades, and one of the shades I picked up was Skön. Not that the others weren't nice, but this was, hands down, my favorite of the lot.

Ever have one of those don't judge a book by it's cover moments? The most noticeable thing about Skön is that it looks like a deep grey purple... in fact it almost looks like ash. I promise, though, this is one of those scary-in-the-jar/pan, pretty-on-the-face colors.

Evil Shades blushes come in nice big, labelled jars stuffed with five grams of product. The bottoms of the jars bear the product's name and ingredients, while the top has Evil Shades's pretty label stamped onto it.

Left to Right: Blended out with a blush brush, Swatched heavily with a shadow brush
As you can see, when it's swept out it's a lovely plum tone with a pinky sheen. And as far as plums go, this is one of those that I think will be flattering across a large range of skin tones. I know for a fact that The Peach can seriously knock this one out of the park, and she's a very different skin tone from me. It might be more dramatic on lighter skin, but I definitely don't think it'd be ugly (that's just my opinion, though!)

When I first got it, I thought this would be a sometimes-blush, but I really have been reaching for it three or four times a week. It looks impossibly pretty when worn. The pinky sheen is amazing.

Skön worn on the face in indirect light with High Voltage
Lip Candy in Seductress.
When it's not in direct light it looks like a subtle grey-berried-plum.

Skön worn on the face in direct light with High Voltage
Amp'd Up Gloss in Object of Desire.
You can see how it lights up into this amazing bright pink!

Also, I'd like to say that the wear is incredible. That second photo was taken at 6 pm, after my 3pm workout. I fully expected it to be gone. It was not.

And while this blush, as one with an iridescent sort of quality, does have a sheen (of pink!), there's no straight up glittery shimmer. It will make you look a bit dewy, and may emphasize pores a bit (click those closeup face swatches, I dare you!).... but for me? I just don't care. I like the shade that much.

And these are in my personal blush Goldilocks zone. Not too pigmented, and not lacking pigmentation. Just right. Can you say cherry on top?

The bottom label, including ingredients
I'd also like to add that my face can sometimes be sensitive to mineral face products (I feel a little itchy, sometimes--no rashes, it's just uncomfortable) but this didn't do that for me. That's quite possibly because the first ingredient is kaolin and not mica of some kind.

The Good:
  • Lovely unique shade.
  • It's a little funky, but fully wearable.
  • I believe that this would be flattering on a great range of skin tones.
  • The value is very good: five grams of blush for under seven dollars. Be still my heart.
The Bad:
Check under the neutral.

The Neutral:
  • Some women with oilier skin don't really like blushes with sheen. This does emphasize pores a bit, but there isn't any straight up shimmer-out-the-whazoo stuff going on.
 Overall, I've really fallen in love with the shade and formula. Skön is most likely going to be a staple in my collection for a very long time to come. My opinion about it probably looking great on lots of people might not mean anything to you (I definitely don't have any sort of special qualifications that let me say that with authority), but I really think this color is worth a shot, if not only because of the cool factor. I can definitely happily recommend this shade and formula!

This is currently available on the Evil Shades site for $6.50. Samples are packaged in clamshells and are available for $1.50.
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