Fierce Nerditude: Chanel Lilac Sky Le Vernis

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chanel Lilac Sky Le Vernis

Way back when I did that reader survey, lots of you said you wouldn't mind my reviewing or showing you unavailable items. Yay! That means Lilac Sky!

I have to say, I love this shade. It's a beautiful pinky lilac cream. The Chanel formula is slightly thinner than average (easier for me to work with than when a cream formula is thicker than average!), and when I do my nails, by the time I'm up to the tenth one, the first one is dry so that I can do another coat. Woohoo! This was opaque in two, but in my opinion a third really perfected it.

This wore for a full week with a proper top coat on me, no chipping, but some minor tipwear.

I know a lot of people don't really like the Chanel formula, but honestly, I don't see the problem! This worked out great for me. The one thing about Chanels are the price: they're pretty much always over twenty bucks. Would I have purchased this on my own? Probably not. My personal limit for polishes tends to be $15-ish. If I hadn't caught sight of this shopping through my mom's stash, I never would've tried it out. The thing about me, though, is that I never really run out of polishes, and they tend to do fine for me in storage, so it's not as though this would be a repeated expense, so it's not completely unjustifiable.

The Good:
  • Wore well for me: With a topcoat, it lasted a full week without chipping and with some minor tipwear.
  • I adore the color. Lilac? Hooray!
The Bad:
Nothing I can think of!

The Neutral:
  • Not readily available. I Google searched it, though, and you can still find it places for $24-28. Not too bad, considering I'm fairly certain this was originally $23 (though I'm not sure about that!)
  • Slightly thinner formula than average. I find that it makes it easier to work with, since I'm not great with creams to begin with.
Overall, if you're really lemming this, and have found a decent place to buy this on the internet, I say go for it. At over twenty bucks, it's a bit of a splurge, though with Chanel you can't really expect different, can you?

This isn't currently readily available, though it should hopefully be fairly simple to track down.
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