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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Altered Ego Cosmetics Review: Overview (Details and Things)

Recently, I was lucky enough to get to try out another newer company called Altered Ego Mineral Cosmetics. You might want to keep reading this post through to the end. It's gonna be like a box of cereal: There'll be a little surprise inside for you guys *winkwinknudgenudge*.

This company sells primarily through Etsy. Firstly, let me point out that I really love the fact that the swatches are clear, true to color, and nicely labeled. Props! Non-vegan and non-lip safe items are clearly marked as such in the listings, and ingredients are listed in full. I'm so happy she marked items with pearl as non-vegan. So many newer sellers make mistakes with that, and it's beyond frustrating. Double props!

Everything was packed up safe and sound in a bubble mailer. The shadows were in a cute little drawstring pouch, and I got a little note from the seller, handwritten on an enveloped card. In it (if you click the thumbnail you can read it if you're really curious), she mentioned that she usually heat seals her jars, and prints ingredients on Paypal packing slips (she didn't do that in the case of my review samples--the sifters were still sealed very securely and it definitely didn't look like there was any spillage risk).

Tessa was also really cool, and answered any questions I may have had within the day I asked them.

These are priced very reasonably. Full sizes from Altered Ego are packaged in full 3 gram sifter jars for $2.75 each. You can also get sets of 3 jars for $6, and 5 jars for $10. If you'd like 5 randoms, you can get them for $10, with free shipping as well.

As someone who rarely uses things up, I like to both save money and feel like I've gotten my money's worth in product: I really like the availability of smaller cheaper jars in general, and if I had purchased these jars, I definitely think I'd be satisfied with what I got in terms of product for the money.

Samples are on par with size and pricing of other indie brands: $1 for 1/8 teaspoon of product in a clamshell. I really dig clamshell sample packaging! I just find it infinitely easier for me to use than baggies. I don't see myself buying a lot of samples from this particular brand, though, just because when I can get a full size for effectively two bucks (if I buy one of the sets or a color of the week), I'm much less inclined to buy a sample for $1. The samples are quite generous, though, and if you're someone who strongly prefers to sample before buying, I say go for it.

This is my sample of Diesel, used twice, swatched four times. Looks like I can still get a few good uses out of it!

You can see that the sifter is closed off with a plastic seal that has a tab. Quite unusually, the name of the color is printed on the top of the jar. I like it! I like being able to see the name of the color I'm looking for right away, and I don't like storing my jars upside down, so this just... works. I also like the label being printed directly onto a white star sticker. I wonder how Tessa did that; it looks great! There's nothing on the bottom of the jar. If there's one thing I'd like to see from the labels in the future, perhaps she could include lip safety information in some way? I know that she prints ingredients on packing slips and the lip safety information is available online, but packing slips are so easy to lose, and it's much more convenient to be able to find that information right on the jar somewhere. Perhaps it could be on the star in the form of a little symbol, or something?

And the color selection? Do not get me started. This part of the review is ultra subjective, but I really hate and adore when I look at a company's selection of colors and can't decide what I want because everything looks so great. The colors just really suit my taste. They're so bright and pretty and sparkly!

The Good:
  • Super-affordable!
  • I like the color selection... some may not, but I do think there's a good variety to cater to the needs of a lot of different people.
  • The labelling is interesting. The star is cute, and the color being marked on the top is helpful to me, personally, considering my method of storage.
  • Full ingredient info, including mentions of whether a product is lip safe and vegan.
  • Samples are packaged in clamshells.
The Bad:
Nothing here. I think everything was great in terms of professionalism and presentation, etc.

The Neutral:
  • I'd like to see the lip safety information included on the jar in some capacity in the future, if at all possible. I think it'd be more convenient for me and a lot of other people as well.
Overall, I feel very comfortable recommending this company; I got everything quickly and safely and everything looks very organized. I also thought that the shadows themselves were very nice; I'll get more into that tomorrow night when I post a full review.

Altered Ego's products are currently available through Etsy.

This review contains a sample/s sent by a company for evaluation purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, and fully honest based on my own experience/s.

I hope you guys didn't think I'd forgotten the surprise I promised you! Altered Ego is currently having a 30% off sale. Just enter the code 'HOLIDAY' minus the quotes, into the coupon code box in Etsy until June 7, 2011. And no, that's not the surprise. The real surprise is that in addition to that, all of you wonderful folks who read my blog will also get a free full sized jar of eyeshadow with any purchase! Just mention that you read this blog in the comments box, along with your choice of color, just before you check out. A big thanks to Tessa for doing this. Make sure you guys thank her, too!

Here are some quickie swatches (lightly patted on with a brush) to help out in case you're not sure what to get:
Left to Right: Aura, Adore, Diesel, Hiccup
I really like all of these colors. Diesel has a really cool green shimmer, and Hiccup is the Color of the Week this week (on sale for $1.75). Aura and Adore each have a lovely blue sheen. I think I'll be buying a set of randoms and a jar of Hiccup, myself! The full review of these shadows is coming up tomorrow!
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