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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adventures in Neutral Eyes: Mistress

Wow, guys, sorry about the days-long absence! The beauty blogging gods were out to get me this week: On Sunday, my camera wasn't working right, on Monday, Blogger was screwing with me, and yesterday/today I kept having internet connectivity issues throughout the day. Talk about your technology mishap trifectas, am I right? Keep your fingers crossed that nothing happens tomorrow: I'll try and get my reviews on the Shiro Science Collection up throughout the day (I divided it into three reviews, ten shadows each)!

Anyway, I did this look sometime last week, and planned to have it up Monday. Instead it's going up today. Yikes!

I don't know why, but no matter what I did with the closed eye pic, Half Baked refused to look as gold as it does in real life. The open eye shows it looking much more true-to-life.

The thing about me is I'm a girl who loves her colors: neutral/natural eyes are a rare venture for me, so I thought I'd share my various misadventures in eyeshadow neutrals. This time, I did neutral eyes with super-vampy lips and a rosy cheek. I was partially inspired to give it a shot by Sonia, who does what must be the world's most beautiful neutral-eye, red-lip looks!

  • Fluffy, medium-sized shader (MAC 239)
  • Fluffy blending brush (MAC 217)
  • Pencil brush (MAC 219)
  • Thin script-style eyeliner brush (MAC 210)
  • Full, dense blush brush with a rounded head (MAC 129)
Prime your eyes. Take Half Baked on the 239 and sweep it onto the lid. Sweep Darkhorse into the crease with the 217. Take Blacktrack on the 210 and line your lashline, winging it slightly at the end. Take Darkhorse on the 219 and use it to go along the lower lashline. Mascara!

After foundation, take Rose onto the 129 and buff it onto the apples of the cheeks, sweeping upward toward the temples.

Apply Mistress.

If you're curious about that white smudge up near my brownbone, it's a bit of my acne medication that dried looking whitish. I didn't see it in real life or on my camera, but it's pretty plain to see when you're looking at it now. Eep! That pimple near my browbone also didn't look that bad in real life, but hey, whatever.

I swear, High Voltage Lip Whips are my new favorite product. You'll be seeing me using them a lot in the near future! I'll be reviewing them formally sometime this month. I bought ten on sale ($40 bucks and free shipping, how could I refuse?), and I was so impressed that I bought ten more (different) lip products from High Voltage to try the following week (also on sale: WIN!)

I can't wait for them to arrive so I can find out if they're nearly as awesome!

I can no longer recommend High Voltage Cosmetics. 
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