Fierce Nerditude: Why I Won't Be Buying Nyx Anymore

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why I Won't Be Buying Nyx Anymore

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with all of the stupid stuff surrounding the Nyx sale this weekend. For those of you who aren't: They said they'd be offering all items on the site for $1.20. Watch my phrasing. That's what they said they'd do.

In reality, within the original 12 hours of the sale, next to no one was able to check out. Then, when Nyx extended the sale for another 12 hours? It was no better. Amidst all of these things: when people were able to check out, no problem, just after the sale was over, they took the entire site down. When people were able to get items into their cart without trouble on the Facebook store tab? They took that down, too. When it came back up, naturally, everything in everyone's carts was full price again. Yes, I understand they can't sell their stuff for $1.20 forever, but the fact that there were thousands of people looking to participate in the sale while the sale was going on who would not have the sale price honored? That irks me. I wasn't able to check out, Reggie of Lipstick Vendetta wasn't able to check out, Phyrra couldn't get the site to load. Can you seee why I would be genuinely bothered by this?

What puts it over the edge, though, is the way customers were treated. Among Facebook and Twitter questions, most answers were unacceptable. Grey of Gothique was literally hung up on.

The following is entirely speculation on my part, and isn't being stated as a matter of fact. These are my personal beliefs based on my own evaluation of the situation. I can't honestly speak to Nyx's intention of honoring the sale. But do I believe they did intend to honor this sale? No. I don't believe their site's behavior was fully consistent with server issues, and I believe that they could've done much more to honor the $1.20 sale price. Many customers had screenshots of their carts. Additionally, many items that were marked as sold out during the sale magically came back into stock right afterward. And as Reggie of Lipstick Vendetta has shown, they actually congratulated customers who managed to check out, as though it were some sort of contest.

Honestly, at this point, I'm glad I didn't buy anything, because now I wouldn't be comfortable reviewing or using any Nyx products. To me, while quality products are important, good customer service is the single most important thing a company can offer.

Here are some more posts on the matter. If you've written one and would like me to link to it below, please let me know.
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