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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award: Thanks, Gotham Polish!

So, around last Wednesday, I was oh-so-generously given the Stylish Blogger Award by Gotham Polish. I'm sure many of you already know how much I enjoy her blog: I awarded her with the Vertsatile Blogger award just last week! So firstly, a big fat "Thank you!" to her, and now for more nominating, fact listing fun!
These are some blogs I want to pass this on to:
  • Kajal Couture: She does some great, honest reviews that are really helpful and detailed.
  • Lacquered, Painted, Polished: I swear, everything she reviews seems to be lustworthy. I love when I have the same taste as another blogger!
  • loodie loodie loodie: Nail care stuff! I go to this blog when I want to lust over things I know I shouldn't buy.
  • Makeup or Morte: I don't remember how I found this blog, but it's amazingly awesome. I think, though, that Vulcan Butterfly gave her an award. But I'm pretty sure it was a different one!
  • Vulcan Butterfly: I don't think she has this one yet (am I wrong?) but she totally deserves it. I've been following her blog for almost as long as I've been blogging, and she has amazing taste and style. Plus, she sometimes does her makeup with those little sponge tip guys. In my opinion, that requires some serious skills!
Now, for 7 facts about me:
  • I game very conservatively. What that means exactly depends on which particular game I'm playing and the point of game that I'm at. In Tales of Symphonia, for example, you get to have 20 of any one kind of item (30 in New Game Plus). That means if I use one Gel (healing item) than I immediately have the replace it, even if I'm in a dungeon, I run back to the nearest town if I'm able: at the beginning of the game I make sure to have ten all the time, but at the end, long past when the lowest tier healing items are completely useless, I will usually have all 20 of the ones allowed for each individual item, and at least 18 at any given moment. In Final Fantasy, as soon as I hit about 75% HP on any character, I start spamming the heck out of Curaga, which I know is unnecessary. I always have as many Phoenix Downs as I can afford, and rarely use any. In Pokemon I've honestly never used a stat boosting item or move unless it also did HP damage. I also rarely use healing items (Potions, Super Potions, etc.) and run to the Pokemon Center every few fights, even if I have almost full HP on my whole team. I guess I'm just neurotic that way.
  • I don't study for tests. I always plan to, but I never actually do it. Good thing it always turns out that I know my stuff in the end, or else I'd be screwed! I'm heading into two tests today: Theology (Perspectives on Christianity) and Scientific Inquiry (Environmental Science). I've scheduled this to go up just as I'll be sitting down for the Theology exam. Wish me luck! (By the way, I'm writing this list up instead of studying: That's how awful I am!)
  • I've recently discovered that I do actually really like Glee. Chris Colfer has an amazing voice, in my opinion, and Jane Lynch is really hilarious no matter what she's in. I was relieved that House and Cuddy broke up (the few episodes in which they were together were just awful). Also, I really like Modern Family and Better With You. Do you guys have any recommendations for other current shows I might like?
  • Vulcan Butterfly mentioned this in her last Versatile blogger, and I just have to express how much I relate: she doesn't let herself buy purple eyeshadow because it's her favorite (she thinks she has a lot of purple, but she doesn't). I do the exact some thing. In fact, sometimes I actually actively buy colors I'm not fond of to try and get myself to use them (*cough*orange*cough*). Purple's my favorite too, and I'm beginning to think I'm soon going to have more orange shadow than I do purple.
  • I have a nasty habit of showing up about half an hour early for my first class. See, my school is approximately 40 minutes away from where I live by bus during busy times, about 20 for non-busy times and 10 minutes away by car. "Busy times" are the times when class starts for the high school I pass by on the way to my university (the starting times are 9 am for freshmen, 10:30 am for sophomores, and 7:30 am for juniors and seniors). Usually I have to get to school and ride the bus with juniors and seniors, but there are certain days when I can go at noon (today) and instead of leaving about an hour in advance, I should actually be leaving about half an hour in advance. I don't. I leave an hour before hand and just have to sit around for 30 minutes.
  • I also feel the urge to replace items when they can be estimated to be about half-finished. For example, if a foundation is 60% full, I'll want to get another so I don't "run out." It doesn't occur to me that it took four or five months for me to get it that empty and I probably have at least another four or five months of use to go. Once something's 60% full, to me it's practically empty. Usually I resist this one, but occasionally I get backups very far in advance, which is silly. I guess this points to the same trait that leads to my first fact and the fact right before this one. I just really like not feeling like I'm gonna run out of anything I need, regardless of how unlikely that event is, you know?
  • I waste ridiculous amounts of time, and I don't know how. It feels like one minute it's 8:50 am and the next it's 9:43, and I hadn't accomplished any of the things I'd meant to. Where'd the time go? What on earth was I just doing?
So guys, what do you think of the nominees? The facts? Any random facts you want to share about yourselves?
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