Fierce Nerditude: MAC Lipstick in Summer Shower and MAC Fashionflower Lip Product Swatches

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MAC Lipstick in Summer Shower and MAC Fashionflower Lip Product Swatches

Before I dive into the review, I want to share some great, irrelevant news with you guys: I don't have to take one of my finals! My Child Psychology professor drops your lowest grade (including finals) and I just found out that the current average of my papers, assignments and prior tests already comes out to 100% (an A). Now I only have two more finals to take!

Now for what you were probably here for to begin with, the lipstick review!

I wasn't really all that into MAC's Fashionflower release, were you? I popped by the mall to have a look, and honestly, the Summer Shower lipstick was the only thing I wound up wanting.

When I first saw the promo images for Fashionflower I was pretty excited to see a mint green lipstick in the lineup. Let me start by telling you right away that this is not mint green.

Summer Shower
It's a pale, sheer base with an iridescent blue shimmer. I was more excited when I thought it was mint green, but this wasn't bad either. I love everything iridescent and sparkly.

The texture of this lipstick is just like MAC's other glazes: light and balmy. The sparkle doesn't feel gritty at all on my lips, which is a great trait for any glittery lip product to have. This is really one of those shades you can just slap on without a mirror, (it reminds me of Longcat in that regard).

It wears well for a sheer shade: about 3-ish hours on me and I find it to be moisturizing. After the base, moisturizing part of the lipstick starts wearing away and leaving the shimmer behind, you definitely either want to reapply or wipe it off, because that's when the shimmer will start migrating (it doesn't really do so on me otherwise).

Summer Shower on lips
I couldn't get this to photograph true to life: in real life you'll be able to see this barely there greenish-white pearliness in the base. It really just makes my lips look a touch paler, and isn't a true green-ness. You can see it much more in the below lineup:

Left to Right: Growing Trend, Mlle, Summer Shower, Ever Hip
See how much more obvious it is there? Just a note, I haven't purchased anything but Summer Shower. I did these swatches in a MAC store and photographed with my phone.

Here are the lipgelees, for your viewing pleasure:

Left to Right: Budding Beauty, Fashionflower, Now In Season

I really liked Now In Season (it has some blue shimmer in there, too: look closely at that swatch and you can see it!) but as I so rarely use the lipgelees that I already have, I couldn't justify purchasing it to myself.

The Good:
  • Cool effect. I love sparkly, iridescent lip products.
  • The shimmer doesn't migrate on me, generally.
  • Balmy and moisturizing.
The Bad:
Nothing I can think of.

The Neutral:
  • This is sheer. It's more of 'effect' product than an opaque lipstick deal.
  • Remember kids, this is not mint green.
  • Wears away fast (3 hours): it is a sheer one, so that's to be expected.
Overall, I definitely think Summer Shower is a cool addition to any lipstick collection. I don't think you need this, but I really like it. It's easy to wear and fun, which are two of my favorite things.

This is sold out online, but it's $14.50 at MAC stores and counters.
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