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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics Review: The Golden Lion Tamarin Collection

Left to Right: Charismatic, Bouffant, Matriarch
The Golden Lion Tamarin Collection is the second collection of oranges I'm reviewing from Linnaeus. It's very different from the Maned Wolf Collection, in that this collection is warm, where as the Maned Wolf collection pulls cooler and redder.
The texture of these shadows, as always is lovely. The wear is good too: without primer they creased in about four hours (most shadows crease faster for me), but with primer they didn't crease at all. Not bad, right?

Patted on, they look like this:
Left to Right: Charismatic, Bouffant, Matriarch
In the jar, I fully expected Matriarch to be darkest, but it just wasn't the case. It is deeper and more orange than Twiggy from Maned Wolf. Bouffant is yellower than Twiggy. Bouffant is a really pretty buttery yellow with gold overlay. Charismatic is a lovely tangerine sort of color.

Left to Right: Charismatic, Bouffant, Matriarch
The color Matriarch looks like a lovely golden orange once you sweep it out. Bouffant becomes a bit paler. In my opinion, these colors look nicer when foiled.

Left to Right: Charismatic, Bouffant, Matriarch
When foiled these develop a lovely, metallic-y gold sheen. Bouffant looks sheer when it's still wet: wait for it to get dry, though, and it'll be as opaque as any of the other colors.

On to the colors:
Charismatic is a bright, warm, tangerine orange. Something odd on this color: the sifter was clogged. This wasn't a problem with any of my other Linnaeus colors, but this one keeps on clogging the sifter! I have no idea why, either, because it's very finely milled. I had to pop the sifter out to use it.
Bouffant is a buttery yellow gold. It makes a lovely, pale highlighter. The gold shimmer in this has a tendency to migrate: try using a sticky base underneath!
Matriarch is in the same family as Charismatic (warm and orange), however, Matriarch is a lot paler.

Only Charismatic contains an FD&C dye, and only Matriarch is not lip safe.

Charismatic, applied wet to lips
Bouffant, applied wet to lips
Charismatic is a lovely orange if you're into orange lips. It's very nice and bright! Also, the gold tones in Bouffant will make it a lovely gloss if you have the patience to use it that way.

The Good:
  • Great texture.
  • Bright pigmentation.
  • They foil beautifully.
  • The wear without primer is a bit better than average. It's great with primer.
The Bad:
Nothing here!

The Neutral:
Nothing here, either.

Overall, I wasn't really into this collection, but that was really because I'm not that into oranges. I really like Bouffant, though: it's probably going into my rotation of shadows that I use more regularly. There wasn't anything here that was as special as Lanky: that is to say, nothing made me go, "Well it's orange, but it's so special that I really like it anyway!" My comments are, of course, matters of my personal taste as these aren't any worse than any of the other Linnaeus shadows.

You can currently buy the full collection for $12 here. Each individual color is also available separately for $5.
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