Fierce Nerditude: Linnaeus Cosmetics Review: The Emerald Tree Skink Collection

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics Review: The Emerald Tree Skink Collection

Left to Right: Skittering, Escape, Hold Fast
The Emerald Tree Skink Collection is a collection of greens. Be still my heart! As I've pretty much come to expect from Linnaeus, these shades are beautiful and complex. Also, green! The only way I could've been more excited would be if they'd been purple.

As always, the texture is impressive, but I'm going to have to give a special mention to Skittering, which is just really ultra-spreadable. It reminds me a lot of Lanky; it's just so intense. The wear on these is excellent; these worse fine both with and without primer for me. Unlike the Green Mantella collection, which ran warmer, this runs on the cooler side. Skittering, in particular has both leans blue and has a lovely blue sheen to it, which sometimes makes it photograph looking... well, blue.

Left to Right: Skittering, Escape, Hold Fast
Left to Right: Skittering, Escape, Hold Fast
The above swatches, patted onto my arm, show the shadows in indirect sunlight, and the bottom ones in direct sunlight. The top swatches show Skittering's blue tones, and the bottom its green ones. As you can see the other two look more or less the same, if less shimmery in the top photo. I don't know why my skin looks so red in the top swatches.

Left to Right: Skittering, Escape, Hold Fast
When swept out, rather than patted on Escape tends to look more leafy than before. You can see that there's an obvious white base to these colors (they're swatched, as always, on my bare skin), however the whiteness didn't show up in use on my actual eye, whether I swept them out, patted them on or foiled.

Left to Right: Skittering, Hold Fast, Escape
I accidentally switched the swatch order of the last two here. Oops. You can see that the white base is invisible here. Skittering also looks more green than blue, whereas, when it's swept out it looks more blue than green.

On to the colors:

Skittering is a lovely blue-green color. It's really pretty and complex, and a bit like Pollywog's cooler, deeper cousin. Don't get me wrong, they're not "similar" at all, but they have the same weird sort-of-blue, sort-of-green quality.
Escape is a pretty leafy green. Despite some gold overtones, it's still more cool than warm.
Hold Fast is a similar shade to Escape, but definitely lighter, slightly less blue, and it's overtones are more silvery.

All of these contain FD&C dyes and none of them are lip safe.

The Good:
  • Pretty colors in my opinion. Skittering is very unique, in particular. If you like Pollywog, I think you'll like this.
  • The texture of these is smooth and the shadows are easy to use (not at all fussy).
  • The shimmer is very fine; there wasn't any migration or fall out.
  • The wear, as always, is incredible.
The Bad:
Nothing on this collection.

The Neutral:
  • There is a white base visible during swatching that isn't so apparent in use (or at least not that I've noticed).
Overall, if you're into greens, I think you'll really love this collection. If you liked the Green Mantella collection, but want something cooler, this is definitely the way to go--however, I do think these would work across skin tones (Skittering being the possible exception), because the colors aren't too cool.

You can currently buy the full collection for $12 here. Each individual color is also available separately for $5.
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