Fierce Nerditude: Exam Makeup: Because Going To School Doesn't Mean You Can't Do Colors

Monday, May 9, 2011

Exam Makeup: Because Going To School Doesn't Mean You Can't Do Colors

So, last Thursday I had my Theology and Science exams, my exam that would have been at 7:30 am (Child Psychology) was cancelled. The first of the two I had left (Theology) started at noon. What did that mean? For the first time since last term I got to wear fun eye makeup to school. Yay!

My hair wants to say hello.

  • Oval-shaped blending brush (MAC 217)
  • Medium shader (MAC 239)
  • Full, dense blush brush with a rounded head (MAC 129).
  • MAC Quite Cute Mineralize Blush in Sakura (Light blue pink)
  • Liplicious lip gloss in Watermelon (Sheer bright blue pink)
  • Linnaeus Cosmetics Loose Powder Shadow in Astute (Reddish, pinkish purple--bluer than Balancing Act)
  • Linnaeus Cosmetics Loose Powder Shadow in Cavort (Bright lime green)
  • Linnaeus Cosmetics Loose Powder Shadow in Balancing Act (Pinkish purple with silver shimmer--more pink than Astute)
  • Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner in Ransom (Deep blue purple)
  • Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara (black, lengthening, volumizing)
Prime your eyes. Pat Cavort into the inner half of the lid and Astute into the outer half with the 239. Sweep Balancing Act into the crease with the 217. Wipe any excess Balancing Act off of the brush and use the same brush to blend Astute inward to Cavort. Then blend Balancing Act downward. Line all the way around the eye with Ransom. Apply mascara (I clearly forgot to do that one... ha!)

Apply Watermelon Liplicious.

Do your foundation and then apply Sakura with the 129.

I think I actually overdid the blending a bit: Balancing Act completely overtook Astute, which, if you look closely (the area near the lashline just above the liner), looks noticeably bluer. If I were to redo this, I'd try not to pull Balancing Act down so much, and I'd also try to make the thickness of my eyeliner line more even: on the middle of the lower lashline I can see that the liner got a bit too thin and it looks like it's not there. It's no big deal, since it wasn't noticeable in person, but macro photos are a little harsher than reality. This was a ten minute face, though, so I don't think the job I did is too shabby! Also, I might want to remember to do my mascara. Ha!
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