Fierce Nerditude: Evil Shades Cosmetics Review: Overview (Details and Things)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Evil Shades Cosmetics Review: Overview (Details and Things)

I have so much great indie stuff to review, that I literally used a random number generator to choose what I'd be reviewing next. Evil Shades Cosmetics, FTW! A while back (around Easter) I took advantage of a buy-two-get-one lip sale, and here are the spoils!

Evil Shades cosmetics is an indie company who sells off of an independent website. The shopping cart is fairly easy to use. It took me the longest time to see the little 'View Cart' button. I actually just added something to the cart when I wanted to see the cart, and then deleted it while I was in there, until I realized there was a button.

Honestly, I'm lukewarm on this site. There are pictures of some products that are unavailable, there aren't pictures of certain products that are available, some things are swatched, some just have product photos... The listings look pretty darn disorganized. I just gave up and Googled for swatches on blogs.

I do, however, like that there's a large contact button on every page. I hate having to endlessly search a website for contact info, and here you just have to click and fill out a form. You'll get a response from Andrea right in your email inbox, and on the two occasions that I used it I got a very prompt response.

The turnaround is about ten business days (aka, about two weeks). That's kind of long, in my book, but after shipment, I got my order in a very timely manner. It was shipped out on a Friday, and I got it the following Monday. I also really appreciate that orders are filled in the same order in which they are received. While I understand the logic in filling smaller orders more quickly, it just seems unfair, to me, don't you think? So major props on that one.

In my opinion, the pricing is fair, and I'm really excited to have snagged some stuff on sale!

My stuff came packaged in a pink pouch inside of a bubble mailer. I really dig the satin-y pink bag! It feels so pretty and luxurious! The Wicked Glosses that I ordered were also packed in little baggies, presumably so that if there was any leakage, it wouldn't make a mess all over everything.

Inside the bag, there was a tiny insert that had my transaction number, name, email, and a checklist of all the products that I had ordered (in the photo above, I strategically arranged my products to cover up my personal email). I also got a business card and a sample.

I really dig the Evil Shades business card!

The sample is packaged in a clamshell and has an Evil Shades logo, with the shade name, Pouty, on it. Therein was my biggest problem. See, I initially thought that this was an eyeshadow, as it doesn't say otherwise anywhere on the packaging. Nope! Blush. I contacted Andrea with this concern and she got right back to me saying that she was working on changing up the packaging because of this exact problem.

The blush is very nice, though. The sample is also very generous. I've worn it about five times (maybe more), and it still looks like I have a decent bit left. I bought a full size of it recently. Here I am wearing it (no foundation).

There wasn't any ingredient labeling that I've found, however I did find all of that information on the website.

The Good:
  • I like that orders are filled chronologically. I think that's very fair.
  • Contact is easy and I've gotten responses to questions very quickly.
  • The labelling, business cards and satin bags are very nice!
  • I got my order very quickly after shipment! It came over the weekend, literally.
  • Packaging all feels sturdy, and the tubes of Wicked Glosses were baggie'd to limit potential mess.
The Bad:
  • The sample issue, detailed above.
  • There was no ingredient info with my order.
The Neutral:
  • Turn-around is semi-slow. Not so slow I'd never order, but slow enough that it'll make most people start tapping their feet in anticipation.
Overall, my experience with this company was very positive, and I'd feel very comfortable recommending them to anyone willing to wait two weeks for their order to go out. I like how nice everything ultimately looked: I didn't expect the pretty bag, and pulling it out of the bubble mailer was a very happy surprise! The site isn't very organized, though, so you might wind up having to do what I did and pull open a couple of blogs.

You can find Evil Shades through their website.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be doing some reviews and swatches of Evil Shades's Hardcore Lips, Deviant Lipsticks and Wicked Glosses, so stick around for that!
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