Fierce Nerditude: Evil Shades Cosmetics Review: Hardcore Lips (Doom, Feline's Kyss, Astraea's Embrace)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Evil Shades Cosmetics Review: Hardcore Lips (Doom, Feline's Kyss, Astraea's Embrace)

Top to Bottom: Doom, Feline's Kyss, Astraea's Embrace
Of all the products I bought, I saved these to review last because they were my favorite. Hardcore lips is said to offer "extremely pigmented opaque coverage but with the shine of a gloss." The exception is Feline's Kyss, which is marked "semi-sheer."

Evil Shades's Hardcore Lips formula has a thin, non-sticky formula. These have the same taste issue for me as the Wicked Glosses, but it appears that Andrea's stopped flavoring the lip products as of yesterday. If any of you were curious, Doom tasted terrible, and Feline's Kyss and Astraea's Embrace had a light flavor, but it looks like it was a crapshoot anyway.

My main issue with the formula is that, for me, none of them were opaque. The darker colors were a tad streaky, and the thinness had them finding their way into my liplines. These are very moisturizing.

The wear was okay: three to four hours on me.

Doom on Lips
Oopsie on the upper left of this photo! This is a blackened red-purple. As you can see, it's quite sheer on me.

Feline's Kyss on Lips
This one is OMG, so pretty. I love the light, sheer color. I was surprised that it was more pigmented on me than Doom.

Astraea's Embrace on Lips
Astraea's Embrace, unlike Doom, is a blackened blue purple, and a lovely shade. It's not completely opaque, either, though it's the most pigmented of the three.

As you'll see below, when I dot these on, they're quite opaque. Doom just doesn't stay that way when spread out.

On to the colors:
Left to Right: Doom, Feline's Kyss, Astraea's Embrace
Doom is a blackened red purple. Not opaque on me.
Feline's Kyss is a sheer, but pigmented lavender.
Astraea's Embrace is a blackened blue purple. It's much more opaque than Doom.

The Good:
  • Lovely colors.
  • Moisturizing.
  • They're packaged in tubes with doe foot applicators: I really like them!
The Bad:
  • Doom isn't opaque.
The Neutral:
  • Thin, non-sticky formula. I usually prefer thicker.
Overall, while these aren't my favorite product ever, I can definitely understand the appeal. I want to try out a lot of the lighter colors, because I really like the look of Feline's Kyss. Doom wasn't opaque on me, and neither was Astraea's Embrace, really. Feline's Kyss is definitely a product I would repurchase! If you're looking for a pigmented, non-sticky, glossy formula I suggest giving these a look.

These are currently available for $5.75 from Evil Shades.
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