Fierce Nerditude: Adventures in Orange Eyeshadow: Foxy Lady

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Adventures in Orange Eyeshadow: Foxy Lady

I decided to experiment with bright orange eyeshadow again this week! Hallelujah. I used shadows from Linnaeus's Maned Wolf Collection to put a look together!

  • Angled shadow brush (MAC 275)
  • Medium shader (MAC 239)
  • Oval-shaped blending brush (MAC 217)
  • Small pencil brush (MAC 219)
  • Small duofibre (MAC 188).

  • Christina Marie Minerals Blush in Peachy (Slightly pinkish peach with gold shimmer)
  • Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes in Rickrolled (Golden orange)
  • Linnaeus Cosmetics Loose Powder Shadow in Lanky (Red, macaroni orange)
  • Linnaeus Cosmetics Loose Powder Shadow in Those Gams! (Soft black with gold shimmer)
  • Linnaeus Cosmetics Loose Powder Shadow in Twiggy (Pale, frosty orange)
  • Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara (black, lengthening, volumizing)
Prime your eyes. Apply Lanky to the inner half of the lid with the 239. Sweep Those Gams! onto the outer half of the lid with the 217 and blend it slightly on top of Lanky. Pull it into the crease. Take Twiggy on the 275 to highlight. Then pick up Twiggy on the 219 and sweep it onto the inner two thirds of the lower lashline. Pick Those Gams! up on the same brush and line the outer two thirds of the lower lashline (there should be overlap). Mascara!

Do foundation as usual, and then sweep Peachy onto the upper apples of the cheeks with the 188. This is something I do when I'm tired, to make my face look less like I'm dying from need of a nap.

Apply Rickrolled.

I don't think my blush trick worked, because I was really tired. To make up for the fact that I looked asleep above, I took a picture of my eye in which it looked very awake.

Oh my! A camera?!
I was so grateful to all of your kind concern with regard to the little freak accident I talked about last Sunday. Thanks for all of you guys's sympathy and empathy. The lump on my head felt better two or three days later, around when the swelling in my arm went down. My arm just started to bruise a couple of days ago, and it feels much less tender. The cuts and grazes are now all or mostly healed up (no band aids necessary!)

I used a blush in this post that I received for consideration from a great, new little company called Christina Marie Mineral Cosmetics. I'll be doing the traditional Overview and product review posts this week, so I hope you guys stick around for that!

So, what do you all have planned for your Memorial Day Weekends? Going to any events? Participating in any sales? Loafing around the house? I'd love to know!
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