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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award: Thanks, Vulcan Butterfly!

Just yesterday, I saw a post on Vulcan Butterfly's (amazing) blog, tagging me for the Versatile Blogger award. I really appreciate it, and would just like to say that I picked up beauty blogging a month or two ago just to see if I'd enjoy it, and you know what? I really, really do! I've met some neat people on the internet who like makeup the way I like makeup (almost none of my real life friends do; in fact, most of them don't like makeup at all!) and have all around enjoyed reading other people's blogs that I would never have come across were it not for me starting to blog (Vulcan Butterfly's is actually one of these; if she hadn't shown me her post on Kat Von D's lipsticks, I may never have come across it).

So, as far as I understand, once you get this award, you're supposed to thank and link to whomever gave it to you, write 7 random things about yourself, and then nominate 15 other blogs to receive the award as well.

So the 15 blogs I nominate are:
  • Ethereal Beauty: I know she's been nominated for this just recently, but I honestly can't think of a better blog to get it. Her looks are absolutely beautiful, and I highly suggest you check her out.
  • Stay Beautiful: I absolutely adore the lip swatches on this blog. She also does some truly amazing looks! (I need to stop using italics or they'll lose all meaning. Oops, too late!)
  • Color Me Obsessed: I just ordered from Linnaeus and double-checked her blog to make sure they were legit (before I ordered, of course). I started browsing her other posts as well and just fell in love.
  • Cheeto Kisses: I really like this blog because it's sort of all-encompassing: fashion, food, nail polish, etc; there's a lot of neat stuff, so you should definitely click around for a bit!
  • Red Lips, Black Hair: Another recent nominee for this award. However, she totally deserved it last week, and totally deserves it now. I especially love her nail reviews: she has such long, beautiful nails!
  • Persephone's Passion: For those of you familiar with Persephone Minerals, this is the seller's blog. She uses her blog not only to give us little sneak peeks of upcoming items she'll be selling in her store, but also to do reviews and looks and things. I just recently made a purchase from her and can't wait to receive it, actually. In the mean time, she has some excellent swatches of some upcoming highlight products that glow under blacklight that are absolutely making me drool!
  • Kattatonic Fierceology: She does reviews, but I have to say, the thing I love most about her blog is the fact that she does her looks so creatively!
  • Eye Heart It: She has sooo much cute and cool stuff reviewed on her blog (and just recently totally made me want to buy the Hello Kitty perfume I know I'll never use 'cause I'm not a perfume girl).
  • Gilded Crush: This is a more personal blog than all of the others I've listed, but it just has so much personality that I think a lot of you will enjoy it! (This is actually written by a gaiaonline acquaintance of mine).
  • Hot Chocolate & Sunshine: I came across these two on Luuux (referral link; it's a neat site where you earn points for free gifts). They have a super cute fashion blog that even I enjoy (fashion isn't typically my thing). Their posts have a lot of personality, and they have a youtube channel as well. They recently did these super-cute pawprint nails that I loved.
  • Makeup And Miscellaneous Happenings: Great reviews and FOTD posts. I especially like when she does bright-lip-simple-eyes posts. I'm simple eye-challenged myself!
  • Trina J Makeup: Remember how I said there are some blogs I wouldn't have come across had I not started blogging? I literally discovered this blog yesterday as I was looking through my followers, and have been looking through her posts and totally loving them!
  • The Notice: Rae is hands down one of my favorite bloggers (I've been lurking on her blog forever). She frequently does beautiful looks and also regularly makes me lust after difficult-to-get-in-the-US-brands (from Canada). Also, this Sunday she lit up my sucky, essay-writing day by giving in to her insatiable urge to draw on an eyeliner mustache. If you haven't already seen The Notice, you should give it a look!
  • Makeup Zombie: Totally amazing blog. I've been lurking on it for only a couple of months, but I'm so glad I came across it. Her looks are totally gorgeous, with a great goth-glam feel. If any of you don't already read, I think you'll love her.
  • Socialite Dreams: This is a long-time favorite of mine. I think I've lurked, silently following this blog for about a year or more. Vonnie of Socialite Dreams always does amazing fashion posts, really cool makeup looks and some thought provoking analysis of the way societal beauty standards intertwine with the way women feel about themselves. What brought me out of lurking was her amazing Black History Month series, 28 Days of Black Beauty, in which she posted a look inspired by a gorgeous black celebrity every day for the entire month of February. If you don't already read her blog, you should try it for sure!
Vulcan Butterfly: Not one of the nominees (I don't think you can tag whomever tagged you back; plus doing two Versatile Blogger posts in a row would be silly, not to mention difficult), but I wanted to give a special mention to get into why I love Vulcan Butterfly's blog so much. She reviews such a wide range of products, and has this kickbutt goth style that I really enjoy. She posts looks with such bright, lovely colors (and I love the way she does her eyeliner!)

Now for 7 random things about me:
  • Lip plumper has no effect on me; not even the famous Lip Venom. I put it on and I don't feel a thing (nor do I see any difference in my lips).
  • I've been a gamer since I was very young. The first game I clearly remember playing was either Pokemon Red Version (Gameboy Color) or Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64).
  • My favorite video game of all time is Tales of Symphonia for GameCube. It was the first non-Pokemon game that I played 'til the very end and I was so proud of myself. I know it'll always have a special place in my heart!
  • Vijii is a nickname that was given to me by my good friend Tracy in the 7th grade. Basically, she wanted to have a shorthand of my name that couldn't be mistaken for rude (if you say "Hey, Vij," it can sound uncannily like "Hey, bitch"). I really hate being called Vijii in real life (thankfully, it never caught on), but I have been using it as a web-monicker for a long time.
  • I go to a Catholic university because they offered me a full, four-year scholarship. I'm a freshman majoring in English (though I'll be switching to Psych) and doing my Pre-Med requirements. I hope to someday become a Psychiatrist. If I can't get into medical school, I want to be a Psychologist.
  • My taste in music varies a lot. If I had to pick just one genre that I like, I wouldn't be able to do it. I love metal, rap, classic rock, R&B, pop, country, and I have an extra special love for show tunes. That's not to say that I love every song. But I do like something from pretty much every type of song.
  • I adore animals (I even chose to become a vegetarian because of my animal love), but I'm afraid of large dogs. Once, when I was about thirteen I was bitten by a loose German Shepherd and now I simply have a hard time being around larger dogs. My fear makes an exception for dogs that I know for sure are friendly, though, so it's not that bad!
 So guys, what do you think of my nominees?
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