Fierce Nerditude: Versatile Blogger Award (Numbers 2 and 3): Thanks, GenkiOriana and eRin!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award (Numbers 2 and 3): Thanks, GenkiOriana and eRin!

Hiya, folks! Last week, I got nominated for my second and third versatile blogger awards. So a giant 'thank you' to both GenkiOriana of Beauty Raid and eRin of The Cheap Chick! Before I start with the nominating/fact-listing fun, I'd like to say you should definitely check out both of their blogs. Beauty Raid is a new beauty blog with a lot of personality, and multiple authors (I love blogs that are written by groups of friends; something about them just makes them more fun to read!) The Cheap Chick takes a really cool budget-beauty approach that a lot of you guys will really be able to use and she reviews Sinful Colors! I adore Sinful Colors!

Technically, you're supposed to nominate 15 blogs, but I'm not sure I have that many left under my hat after last time. Let's try!
  • Let's Make Yu Up: I discovered this blog very recently and really enjoy reading it; she does great reviews and her posts all seem to include something cute or fun to give me a laugh or make my day.
  • Peaches and Blush: This blog does great posts. The looks in particular are always gorgeous. The photos all make great eye candy!
  • Be Beauty-Licious: Her looks are colorful, eye-catching and beautiful!
  • Chasing Blue Feathers: I found out about this one from a reader in the comments only a few days ago (among Linnaeus-induced talk of favorite birds) and OMG, she does pretty makeup looks and posts pictures of adorable baby animals. I love cows. They're so cute. <3
  • Bower of Blisse: Another blog with really pretty looks. She also does some great product reviews (and, in my opinion, she has some great taste!)
  • I'm Not Skinny, So What?: Firstly, great name, no? I also like her posts, and she does some cool mineral makeup reviews!
  • Play Hard, Look Fabulous: Her looks are killer, and she reviews lots of indie mineral brands. Also, her eye shots are perfect. Unrelatedly, how great does her brow piercing look?
  • Electra Jayde: If you don't click around her blog for a while, you will be missing out. Another one with really strong looks!
  • Faeries Stole My Lipstick!: Firstly, adorable name. Secondly, absolutely stunning looks. I know it's starting to sound a bit redundant, but there just happens to be a lot of talent in the beauty blogosphere!
  • Fancy Geek: I discovered this blog days ago, but am enamoured. She has absolutely epic taste!
  • Makeup Never Sleeps: Some really excellent high end reviews on this blog!
  • Glitters And Bubbles: I've been buying a lot of indie stuff lately, and I adore her indie reviews!
  • Gotham Polish: Nail reviews from a blogger in NYC (I love that because that's where I am!)
  • I Love Your Face: Her looks are so dramatic and fierce. I love a beauty blogger who isn't scared to use color!
  • Jade Goes With Everything: This blog is just loads of fun. The content is diverse. Also, she eats Men's Pocky. Feminism, ftw, no?
Now, for 7 random facts about me:
  • I can be standoffish around new people, and I won't approach them. But once they approach me? I'll talk their ear off about any random thing that springs into my head. That's why I don't think calling me "shy" really makes sense: it just doesn't seem accurate. Someone needs to invent a new word for how I am, 'cause I know I'm not the only one. (Or is there already a word for that?)
  • For me, reading a book, playing a video game, or watching a movie almost always requires at least some modicum of emotional investment. That's why I usually watch kids movies and comedies (fewer sad parts). I sobbed for about thirty minutes when Dobby died, felt sick for the rest of the day when Axel faded, I even got genuinely upset when Marge dumped Homer in The Simpsons movie. I even sort of love my Pokemon.
  • 'Leela's Homeworld' is my favorite episode of Futurama. It had some of the best jokes, in my opinion, and the ending was really touching. It's also the reason I started listening to Pizzicato Five. I really like the song Baby Love Child.
  • When I was younger I was really late to the party on starting the Pokemon anime (only the boys in my class liked Pokemon, and the girls said it was a 'boy thing,' so I didn't bother with it at first). The first episode I ever saw was the one where Ash is in a race and rides a Rapidash to victory (I just Googled it: that was episode 33). I was also a huge fan of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Card Captors. In the fifth grade I discovered Inuyasha on Adult Swim. However, I never did get into Digimon: I tried to watch it, but I just didn't get the appeal.
  • I stay up late for no reason. Even if I'm not doing anything in particular, I will occasionally stay up until 3 a.m. Doing nothing. And then I'll just spend the next day tired. I know it makes no sense, but what can I say?
  • I've found a huge pet peeve in beauty and fashion snobbery. I think everyone's interacted with someone who randomly thought it was appropriate to tell us how we should be doing our makeup or dressing when we never asked. It drives me up the wall.
  • I love lip balm. I think I officially have more lip balm than I can use. I've decided to go on a Project Ten Pan on lip balm as of today (I'm writing this Monday). Just yesterday (Sunday), I bought two of the famous Jack Black balms.
So guys, what do you think of the nominees? The facts? Any random facts you want to share about yourselves?
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