Fierce Nerditude: MAC Quite Cute Nail Lacquer: Mischievous Mint

Saturday, April 16, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Nail Lacquer: Mischievous Mint

Mischievous Mint is a lovely, pale mint green polish. Like I mentioned in this post, I've been looking for a good one for a while (I don't even remember all of the different ones I tried, but one of them was Hello Kitty's Minty).

Just for a quick comparison one is a touch paler, but much less goopy.

I really like the thickness of these Quite Cute polishes, because creams that are average or thicker than average almost always give me trouble in terms of application. They all seem to be just a hair thinner than the average polish, meaning that they spread very evenly for me. When I was putting this one on, I put three coats on a couple of nails to get it just perfect, but the photo shows just two coats. As you can see, there are no visible brushstrokes and it's completely opaque. It wore for a week with no chips, but with some minor tipwear.

Like all of MAC's nail lacquers, these are priced at 14 bucks, which I think matches brands at the price range right above MAC better than it matches the MAC price range. I don't mind this as much when they come up with something uber original (like Frayed to Order, for example) but when it's a color that's completely dupeable, like a mint green cream, it's a little harder to stomach. Since I really like the formula and have been looking for a good mint green for a while, it was totally worth it this time (at least for me).

The Good:
  • Easy application for a cream.
  • Slightly thinner than average, but not so thin as to make it impossible to work with.
  • Doesn't show brush strokes.
The Bad:
Some of the stuff under neutral could count.

The Neutral:
  • Expensive. Fourteen bucks a polish is Illamasqua-ish pricing, whereas MAC is generally cheaper than them. It's still a good ten-ish bucks away from Chanel, though.
  • The color is just as dupeable as Ice Cream Cake. It's an incomplex, light mint green cream. 
Overall, I'm not sure that this'll be worth it to most people, if only because of the price, but I keep having trouble with mint greens that I buy (is it just me?!) so I'm definitely happy with the purchase. The formula is great, in my opinion, and mint green is... mint green? It's a nice color, if you're into it, and if you're not, then you're not, but again, MAC didn't really invent the wheel with this one.

This is currently available at MACCosmetics.com, MAC counters and MAC stores for $14.00.
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