Fierce Nerditude: MAC Quite Cute Mineralize Blush: Sakura

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Mineralize Blush: Sakura

Did I tell you guys that my favorite of the three Quite Cute Mineralize Blushes was coming up? I have to tell you guys; this shade is amazing. I absolutely adore it, and have been wearing it quite a bit since I got it!

Sakura is a cool toned pink with a fuchsia heart in the middle!

Oh my gosh, you guys, isn't it gorgeous, even in the pan? So here are the swatches:

Left to Right: Pink outer portion, fuchsia heart, both swirled together
This one is the most pigmented of the three, but it still has a certain sheerness to it that means it won't look clown-like right away the way some very-brightly colored blushes do. Unlike Giggly where the heart and the outer portion looked very similar, the outer and inner portion were two separate colors. The one thing I have to say is that the middle heart should've been bigger; as it is, picking up just the middle color is a bit tricky (picking up just the outer portion is very easy, though). This is cooler toned than Giggly (in comparison it looks almost purple) and it is just oh so pretty.

Sakura on cheeks
Pardon the odd facial expression. I really love how nice and bright this is without being overpowering.

Don't let the cool tones scare you away; I really think this is one of those shades that can look amazing on just about anyone. Then again, I always tend to feel that way about bright pinks!

This shade has great, all-day wear and, by the way, did I mention that I adore the way it looks?

The Good:
  • Great pigmentation.
  • Wore for a full ten hours.
  • I really adore this color and think this type of shade is flattering across a wide range of skin tones. You, of course, may disagree, but I just thought I'd share that.
The Bad:
  • I wish the middle shade were a bit easier to use on it's own (it wasn't an issue with Miss Behave and Giggly because I don't think I (or many people) would like to use frosty green blush on its own very often, and with Giggly the middle shade was very similar to the outer one). Here's a tip though: if you tilt a small-headed brush like the MAC 130 at a 45 degree angle against the heart and twist the brush instead of swirling it in the pan, you can totally pick up just the middle color with minimal effort.
The Neutral:
  • More powdery than the average Mineralize blush.
Overall, out of the three Quite Cute Mineralize blush shades, this was definitely the stand-out color for me. It's now one of my favorite blushes! I also like the sheer-ish quality of this. I definitely recommend it if you like bright pinks but have trouble with applying lightly enough for it not to look like a bit too much.

This is $23.00 and currently available at MAC stores, counters and online.
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