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Thursday, April 7, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Collection: What I Bought And Why

Hello, all. This post is coming out after some major Quite Cute collection haulage. I'm going to need some time to evaluate these products, but I thought a What I Bought And Why post detailing what I thought at the counter (I'm one of those customers who tries everything) might be helpful for those of you hoping to haul soon, yourselves!

Firstly, a list of the things I bought:
  • Quite Cute Mineralize Blushes in Miss Behave, Giggly and Sakura.
  • Nail Lacquers in Ice Cream Cake, Little Girl and Mischievous Mint.
  • Lipsticks in Play Time and Candy Yum-Yum.
  • MAC Brush Cleanser (I was running out) and a 239 brush (you can never have enough of these, in my humble opinion). These, of course, aren't with the Quite Cute collection.
 Let's start with the oh-so-adorable blushes.
Top: Sakura, Bottom Left: Giggly, Bottom Right: Miss Behave
I bought all three of these, because firstly, aren't they the cutest? Secondly, I've really liked the Mineralize Blush formula in the past. My first and favorite MAC blush was Love Thing!

Sakura is lovely bright purplish pink. I thought this would look great on my skin tone.
Giggly is a pink that looks like it'll be cool, but winds up with a lovely touch of warmth. I also thought it would look lovely on me.
Miss Behave is really interesting. The green in the middle mixes with the orange to create a pale, champagne-y beige that I thought would make a killer highlight color.

Next, let's do the nail polishes:
Right to Left: Little Girl, Ice Cream Cake, Mischievous Mint
Little Girl is a pretty, pale lavender color I own nothing like this, so I decided to pick it up. I tried it on in the store and it took 3 coats for opacity.
Ice Cream Cake was a shade I didn't plan on getting. I rarely wear pink on my nails. However, when I tried it I though it was ZOMG, soooo pretty. This is opaque in two coats.
Mischievous Mint is mint green! Not exactly undupeable, but I've been looking for a nice mint green for a while (Hello Kitty's Minty really let me down!) Opaque in two coats, but I used three to really perfect it.

I like that these are just the right thickness for me to work with and dry quickly enough to satisfy my taste for quickly drying polishes. I also like that these don't show brush strokes much (creams often do!)

Top to Bottom: Little Girl, Mischievous Mint, Ice Cream Cake, Little Girl
And the lipsticks:
Left to Right: Play Time, Candy Yum-Yum
Play Time is really lovely violet shade. I've seen swatches of this where this looked like a less intense, shinier, sheerer version of Candy Yum-Yum and that's definitely not the case.
Candy Yum-Yum is intense hot pink. More intense than Girl About Town or Show Orchid. It has a lovely texture that's unlike any other lipstick I've ever tried. It's almost... powdery? Once I put it on, I can't feel it. I'm the kind of girl who's sometimes randomly overcome with the urge to wipe all her lip stuff off. I don't think that'll happen with this.

I didn't buy:
Playing Koi because, while I thought the color looked lovely on me, the texture was unflattering to my lips. It made them look dry and cracked, even though they weren't. If you're a girl around my skin tone and willing to work with this, it could look great! It was an opaque pinkish peach.
Saint Germain is permanent, and I wasn't particularly interested. It just wasn't that great on me (while I like doing lips in this color occasionally, it's really only occasionally and since I already have Viva Glam Gaga, I didn't really think I needed this). It's a light, blue based pink.
Quite Cute was a pale lavender that had a milky look on my lips. I kind of liked it, but not enough.

I also didn't buy:
  • Any of the Plushglasses. None of them had enough pigment to show up well on my super-pigmented lips.
  • The palette: Moshi Moshi (mint green) had a bit of an odd texture, though it swatched well on my arm. Goody Goody Gumdrop (light pink) didn't swatch very well (though it's a matte, I think, so it might perform very well on the eyes), and Boycrazy (light purple) was just dreadful. Azuki Bean (deep violet) was the bomb, though. Too bad I couldn't buy the shade on its own!
  • Lip Pencils: I use lip pencils so rarely. I liked the way the pencils, looked, but I decided to skip, at least for now (I may go back in a week or two; we'll see!)
I will be doing full reviews for these, of course, but I need some time to evaluate the wear, etc. I'll be starting with the lipsticks, which take the least time to evaluate, moving on to the blushes, and doing the nail polishes last (after I've been wearing them for a week). Another bit of info that I thought I'd share: Quite Cute is available on MAC's website, but the collection just doesn't seem to be under the 'What's New?' area for some reason. Search for the individual items and you can buy them. Hope this post was somewhat helpful to all of you! Edit 4/8/2011: Quite Cute is now available in the 'What's New?' section of MAC's website.
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